Really dropped the ball this year

jomuir(z5 detroit)June 26, 2012

I'm kicking myself. I didn't plant any sage, tithonia, or any annuals that the hummers like. We have 3 feeders up & are seeing some hummers, but I really like having flowers they like to browse in also. We do have a fair amount of perennials, some they like, but I can't believe I didn't even put any sage in! The garden looks so bare, no tithonia, sage, etc. We do have some baskets of annuals, but I know they'd pick sage over petunia any day!

We usually start a few trays indoors but I guess we forgot, oh well there's always next year. I'm making it even worse by looking through the Will You Add To This Hummingbird 'Plant' List'? :) thread seeing all the plants hummers like that I don't have. Aarrgggh.

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They love my shrimp plant, but I've never seen them try the Red Hot Sally which surrounds it.

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They like my bee balm.

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

I know what bee balm is (don't have any tho) but never heard of a shrimp plant. Have to look it up.

Now if only we get a news flash that hummers suddenly love begonias, impatiens & petunias, I'll be all set!

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Never to late to plant some perrenials! Just put a Blue Butterfly Delphinium in front of my feeder and they love it!

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My Grandfather had all of those one time or another in a hanging basket (begonias impatients and petunias) and they loved them!

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

well I'm starting to feel better now thanks to your nice replies folks! We have seen hummers at the feeders, but I love seeing them in the sage & tithonia, along w/the butterflies & bees. I guess we'll get bees in the cuke plants, they always have loads of bees, esp. when I send DH out to pick a couple for dinner.

I looked at pics of the shrimp plants, it reminds me of pics of cerise, which I've never grown but admired in seed catalogs. It would be an annual in Detroit wouldn't it?

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