jiimni(5Ks)June 21, 2007

I have 5 feeders in our trees and have quite a few hummers. My problem is the bees are thick also. How do I get rid of them. The Hummers fight there way through to get to feeders and I to fill them. They had one covered this morning. Think I saw directions to build a trap once but don't remember how. Thanks

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Here's what you do:

Make up a separate "hummer" feeder for the bees. Put in twice as much sugar or more as you normally do for the hummers. Make it real sugary! The bees will go to the sugary feeder and leave the other feeders for your hummers.

It's best to cut back on the sugar in your hummer feeders for a while, till the bees catch on to the sugary new "bee" feeder. Use about 1/4 less sugar in your hummer feeders than you normally do, just till the bees catch on. Then prepare your hummer feeders as you normally would one part sugar / four parts water.

Be sure to keep preparing your sugary bee feeder, or you'll have to start all over again. Please let me know how you come out.

Do use ant guards for both. Traps don't work at all!

A wasp sting can kill a hummer.

Good luck!

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ebb_tide(Z5 Cleveland, OH)

very cool solution! thanks. my mom uses cooking oil rubbed on the hanging wire to keep the ants off

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Thanks for the idea. We made a couple of traps out of 2 lt. bottles and there were a few in there tonight. I heard bees are attracted to yellow also. Will try this and maybe paint it all yellow. These are honey bees. I hate to kill them but I don't want stung or the hummers to get stung eather. Will let you know how it works.

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