Hummingbirds IL?

pinkturtles(6)June 1, 2010


This is my first post. We had hummingbirds last year from spring until the time you take the feeders down in the fall. Where are they this year? We live in North Aurora, IL.



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hi mary im from tinley park .saw my first 1 mothers day,which was about 12 days later than normal.had 2 around this past monday till thursday and yesterday didnt see them at all.strange start to the hummer season thats for sure.patience they will be coming(crossing fingers ,lol)

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Thanks for writing, Coolaces! Well, you were right! This morning we saw our firt hummingbird of the season! I took the downstairs feeder in to clean it the day before (we have another one upstairs off of our balcony) and this morning, my husband spotted one feeding on our fuschia plant, which is on the same hook as the feeder normally is! I was so excited! I ran outside when he was finished to hang up the feeder, hoping he'd come back. I waited awhile and sure enough, he (she?) came back to eat from the feeder!!! Have you had any luck since you wrote?

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hi mary its like they filled up for a few days and poof. its been 3 days since ive seen any. pete

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