Canning Vegetables with Meat

theodosiaunderwoodOctober 5, 2012

I love home-canned meat. We prefer the raw pack method, and the meat produces its own broth during the pressure canning. Does anyone see any reason why I couldn't add a few vegetables to the jar (carrots for example). They would be seasoned with the meat broth, and the longer canning time for the meat would be more than adequate for them.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Yes, you can add a few veggies. You MUST process for the meat time.

However, the veggies are going to end up very, very soft.
I prefer to can them separately, then combine at serving time.


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Thanks dgkritch. I didn't really see a safety issue so long as they were canned the full length of time for meat. I am canning a few meat/vegetable combos in pint jars for my 90 year old mother (she will actually like the soft vegetables). She will be able to use them for a quick lunch once in a while. Thanks Again.

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