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moonwolf_gwSeptember 21, 2011

Hi everyone,

The lacunosa cuttings in my forsythe pot are starting to develop roots!!!! This is one pot that I did not bring inside but it's up against the house under the little porch. I get to pot them up soon! Yay!!!

Even greater news is that my nummularoides (I haven't decided on a name for it yet either LOL) is just budding up like mad!!! I'm still keeping an eye on fungii to see if it blooms soon.

Any plants blooming for you guys?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hi Brad,

Good to know that your lacunosa is rooting! Good luck with her.

How long did it take to root?


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Congrats! I'm glad they rooted for you. Is your budding nummularoides the two little guys I sent you or another plant?


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Hi Brad, I told you those lucunosa would root, my wishes for others works well !

Congrats on all the buds, I am still waiting for my 2 carnosa blooms to open. It is still about 90 during the day so I am lucky to get those 2 !

Figure out a name for the nummularoides and supply pic's ! and I will try to capture a shot of 4 butterflies perched on one single Lantana bloom and post it here for all to see.


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Thank you, everyone!

Mitzi, they took about a week and a half to two weeks to root. That's about how long ago I got them in the mail.

Lisa, this is my big EA plant I got at Lowe's last December. Your little guys you sent me are doing just fine! As are the rest of the cuttings :).

Poseidon, you've got a deal! I'm not good with closeups for the buds but the plant has an overall nice size :) . I can't wait to see your butterfly picture!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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As promised, here is my nummularoides! I'm thinking of naming it after one of the Golden Girls. Maybe Dorothy?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, it looks more like Rose's hair, when it was all teased up, 80's style. My Chinese evergreen is named Charlie, after Rose's dead husband. If I trip over it one more time, I will change it's name to "You Dumb Botchagaloop!"


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Brad, that looks like the one I found at Home Depot last week and I bought it for my birthday! Nice and healthy looking as is mine. I found two runners that were damaged/broken/bent and took them off to root. They are looking good in their plastic bag and moss. Either I will have another plant or one I can trade if anyone is interested!!! You have a great collection of hoyas.

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Poseidon, lol yeah it does remind me of Rose's hair. I loved your story about your Chinese evergreen!

Beverly, congrats on finding a nummularoides! I hope it blooms for you!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Ament(5a SD)

Very nice Brad, glad to hear everything is going well! :) Shortly another post to come about my trip...

Another day or two maybe more to recover and I'll post photos. LOL


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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Brad... that is a beauty... I wish now I'd purchased the sad looking nummularoides I left behind at HD... weeks ago.. but the broken stem that fell to the floor came home with me... sitting in the greenery of the brevialata that I did purchase, is rooting in a jar of water... small roots and its been a few weeks... with selling my house and moving into my apt... I'm not sure how many weeks... but maybe I'll do a forsythe pot (?) this weekend and it might prove to be happier and root a bit faster!... I have no blooms and I'm not sure about the blooming here in Vermont with the quickly shortening of the daylight and my heated apt. I did purchase a T5 light from HTG so hope to have a great environment set up soon...after finishing unpacking and finding stuff... Please do send pics! Eileen

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Hi Moonwolf,

I have a H. Nummularoides that bloomed for me only once, in the winter. It's growing new leaves but I haven't seen any indication of it blooming again. What cute little blooms it makes.


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Congratulations Brad! My Nummularoides is budding up also. I bought this one last year from HD and it was in full bloom around the first of November. The smell was a bit overwhelming for me though! It's the first Hoya that I didnt enjoy the scent. You will have to take a picture once it's in full bloom and let us know what you think. However I was pregnant at the time and I was very sensitive to smell in the beginning!!! It may be different this year. Lol!

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Eileen, I'll post pics whenever I can! She's been blooming for me like crazy! I hope your cutting's doing okay!

TPie, I agree that nummularoides does produce some of the cutest hoya blooms that I've ever seen :). This is one that blooms at every node so it's a HEAVY bloomer.

Teisa, I agree that the scent can be overpowering when it has lots of umbels. When it only has a few open, it's pleasant! If and when my lacunosas decide to bloom, they can bloom all they want and that scent some people find a bit extreme, but I just LOVE it and so does everyone that I've shown it to.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Brad... My nummularoides cutting is doing so well... had to go back and check the date of my post here... when it was rooting in water... 9/30; it has been planted in a small pot, gently attached to a small trellis and placed in a plastic bag.. lots of light (even though some has to be under the cfl bulb all day b/c Vermont is going into November... not much sun lately... )... it is doing so WELLLLLLL !... growing and little rootie-type things growing out from the stem... and getting taller and plumper... and very happy!... not sure how long it has to stay "bagged"... but as long as it fits in it... seems like a safe place!... I'm so excited... I have several brevialata cuttings that have rooted and are growing similarly in a "bag"... the parent plant that I purchased seemed to most likely have lots of very immature cuttings growing in the pot and some actually began to shrivel up.. so.. rooted and bagged!... will have several of those to share when the time comes to bargain for a new lovely!.. I can't wait to find the time to actually take pics and share them!... Eileen

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