Hoya elliptica - Thailand order

okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)September 1, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am so proud of my elliptica I got from Jack and it's growth process! I took a picture this morning and circled the 6 growth spots. Looks it is fighting to live on despite being broken and losing it's leaves. So far 6 new growth places!,,,Debbie

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This is great Debbie! Congrats and good luck!


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Nice!! I think you've got a champion on your hands.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Wow...that is amazing. What did you water with while the cutting (stick) was rooting? I mean...did you put anything special in it or on it? Superthrive, fish stuff, etc?

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Wow!! Nice growing! You've given me hope for the 'sticks' of subcalva and multiflora that are what remains from Jack's cuttings.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

VERY Exciting Debbie!! Great job saving it...what a trooper!

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Debbie.. As a newbie, I must say, even I can see the new growth... great job!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ooh, Debbie, that's a lot of new growth! Good job!

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I swear Hoya elliptica is a real trooper. When I got my plant it was a little stick with half a yellow leaf and it pulled through no problem.
One thing I have noticed is that mealies just love those soft leaves and they caused the demise of my little plant so keep an eye out for them.


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Thanks everyone for the pats on the back! I'm thrilled it's doing so well so far!

MD I soaked the stick with roots and the broken cutting in VF-11 after I received it. I then planted it in my soil mix which I have started adding Seed Starter to. Why? It has stuff in it to help seeds not rot and help them get started and strong so I figured why not add some in my soil mix. Well my AV's and Hoya's seem to like it and cuttings are having a better survival rate with no droopy leaves. I've been adding the seed starter for over a year now to my mix. I buy the Mircle Grow brand. My soil mix is Pro Mix BX, perlite and Mircle Grow seed starter. I do add some orchid bark when I think of it for the Hoya's.
I also put the planted bald stick outside. Oklahoma has humidity and we have been rather HOT so I thought it was worth a try. I put it in a bright light situation (no leaves to burn so what the heck) on my deck with a roof. I have since it is leafing out moved it where it gets some dappled sun on the deck. It's leaves turn towards the sun each day so it's liking it. I turn it every day so it won't grow leaning in one direction.

Mike I haven't had mealies in years (knock on wood!) but I do have to battle an occasional hungry grasshopper on the outside Hoya's.
I have a Hoya archiboldiana Bold Edge and it had new growth and was looking nice and all of a sudden that tender new growth was gone!!! I found a grasshopper! So I now spray my Hoya's outside once a week with Raid Flying Insect spray. I spray over them about a foot above and let the fog fall on the leaves. I do this at night when no sun could burn the leaves and it can air dry. Works like a charm and no leaf damage from the spray at all. Grasshoppers don't seem to like the taste because no more problems of munched tender new growth.
I started using the Raid Flying Insect spray after reading somewhere that it helped keep bugs off AV's. So before a plant enters my house it is sprayed. Wilts AV blooms but the blooms are what a lot of the bugs hide in. I pick the blooms off after the AV has been sprayed.

Lisa I do hope your sticks start new growth soon also!! Don't give up hope!!,,,Debbie

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Congratulations Debbie...I'm so happy for you! My elliptica from Jack still looks dead...but, I won't give up on it until next summer. Great growing!! Fondly, Patrick

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