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jan_on zone 5bMay 12, 2012

Can anyone suggest a hosta that would make a statement planted in this barrel -- sharing the stage with shrubs Hydrangea 'Limelight' and Viburnum 'Mohican', and a clump of Northern Sea Oats. This area gets direct sun from about noon until mid afternoon. I'm picturing a yellow one perhaps, with an upright habit and a cast iron constitution.


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Awesome location, that's a well weathered spot.

Too bad I cannot speak from experience, wish some of my babies were big enough to show off. But, I'm thinking my Fried Bananas is looking pretty hot, very vigorous, and totally yellow. It is standing up taller than any other yellow golds I have. Plus, it will have fragrant blooms.

How about SunPower? At your latitude, it can probably endure more sun than it could here.

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If you buy multiples of Great Expectations and plant them together as a single clump, that would be really nice. It would love that sun.

That is a really pretty setting.

Of course I will always have to recommend Atlantis which is stunning. There is also Liberty that would look good if multiples of it were planted together to form a larger clump. If you go with any slow grower, plant multiples so you don't have to wait until forever to have something substantial.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Regal Supreme, with its wider margins? You are way up North so almost any hosta would grow there, right?


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stained-glass'>Stained Glass


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jan_on zone 5b

Great ideas. Thanks. And I hadn't thought of planting multiples - might be a good solution.

Babka -- I actually live in that pointy part of south western Ontario that is on the same latitude as northern California. Unfortunately we don't get your nice moderated climate since the Great Lakes generate a lot of snow, and our summers can be really really humid. But the hostas in my garden seem to like it here so far!!!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Sagae. It will pick up the blue of that grass, fill up that half barrel easily, and provide great contrasting leaf shape to that area. I don't think you need a gold. Sagae will do it. I'd buy the biggest one you can find. Or buy two and plant them together.


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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Soon as I saw that location I said to myself: 'Liberty" or 'Majesty' or 'Sagae' for something upright.


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My vote goes for Key West first,up right, and yellow. Love, love mine. Full sun pretty much all day. My second choice would be Dancing Queen, not vase shaped, but a beautiful, clear yellow.

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It's a beautiful spot. Any of the suggestions would be great . . . but . . . you've got so much going on there with different colors and different leaf shapes, I'd favor a plain hosta. Sunpower should be excellent there -- bright, upright, sunloving; I don't know Dancing Queen, but if it's plain, I'd consider it, too. Your eye needs to rest; a big, bold monotone would permit that. IMHO! Nance

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Have Dancing Queen growing in morning sun+ in Ontario and it is doing well. Early riser too. Another yellow that grows well here is Dawn's Early Light. Both are show stoppers in the spring and look great the rest of the year, but not sure if they can take 4 hours of noon and on sun. Even my August Moon has trouble with that

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marquest(z5 PA)

Jan that is a beautiful setting. I vote for Sagae too.

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Jon 6a SE MA

Having bought 4 Stained Glass at a local nursery's clearance last Fall and having each look as stunning as this-

I second Paul's suggestion.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Jonny, if that picture is supposed to be of a 'Stained Glass' then that's the strangest one I've seen, looks like my 'June's this time of year....


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Agree with Pieter on that.

And Jen I would also use something with blue in it. Liberty, Sagae, etc would be stunning as would Regal Splendor. And make sure your container mix is very fast draining and plan to water a lot. I remember someone a few years ago had a gorgeous huge Sagae in a half barrel and lost it the following year because it crown rotted.

Lovely setting!


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Jon 6a SE MA

I just bought a June and planted it on Friday.

It looks different from the 4 I bought as Stained Glass. The nursery is very big, but is mostly wholesale conifers, located off rte 495 in Carver. They put up a small retail center near some of their flower greenhouses in Raynham, MA.

To me they are slightly different. The number of ridges is different with my NOID having fewer than JUNE. My hosta fetish is recent, so I could definitely be wrong. I am very happy with them whatever they are. The nursery carries only name brand plants (PW and similar) and at the time I only went by what looked good. The plants were definitely all labeled as Stained Glass. I would say now that this was definitely wrong, but I am not sure it is June. Maybe some others could give their opinions.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention,

I I'll have to research it further I have to admit it doesn't look like any picture I can find of Stained Glass. Thanks for the heads up.


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Pictures can be deceiving on color so assuming the photo is accurate...You have a lot of texture in that area put not a lot of color variance or brightness so I would go with a bright variegated hosta such as Liberty, Atlantis, etc. I would also plant it as a pot within a pot so that you can take it out for over-wintering. It is a lovely spot with a lot of character so it should be stunning when you're done. Be sure to post a picture!

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