Hummers in Las Vegas

airborne101June 30, 2007

My first post here, I'm usually on pools as we are redoing one. After a hard winter here, we had to have 2 new trees planted in the front yard. We found bottlebrush bushes at the nursery, so we put in 5 big ones and a few dwarf ones. As we were planting them, Easter Sunday in April, I saw on the tag the bottlebrush attracts hummers. No kidding, a few minutes later we got buzzed by one. I have seen them a few times here, cruising through the yard, they nest across the street and 3 houses down. Well the bottlebrushes quit blooming and the hummers stopped the fly bys. I had the nursery guy come out as one of the trees was dying. DUH, I was trying to wean down watering, when I should have been increasing it, its gonna be 110 degrees today. We are getting new bottlebrush blooms and sure enough, got a hummer stop by last evening. I added some lady in red salvias which i hope helps too. I put some lady in red in pots in the backyard as well. Will be watching for them ! Barb

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