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rembetika(austin, TX)June 27, 2007

Hi there.. I was wondering if any f you might know where I could get a particular type of feeder, that I would like to take with me when I go overseas for a month. It's one that I've only seen one place-- up in the northeast, and I think it was at an ACE hardware store.. or one of those "Do it Best" stores that are in a lot of rural areas. It was very small and portable,, and tube shaped (like a test tube, I think? or maybe a cylinder.. ) and the plastic part was red, not sure if there was yellow on it. What was unusual is that it came with a piece of wire where you could just stick it in a plant pot and the tube hung from the top of the wire. Very simple design! It cost about $4-8 at the most, and the tube part was about 4-6 inches high. I'm pretty sure it was perky pet brand but I'm having a hard time seeing their products on their website (love their products, can't stand their site!) and as we know they are always changing their products so who knows if they even make them anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. it would be a blast to be able to observe hummingbirds in another country!

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aleksandras(7 NC)

I just got some small feeders in local Walmart - about 5 1/2 inches tall holds 1/3 cup nectar, $0.98

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Wild Bird Centers carry them. I have one set of hummers who only like that type of feeder, year after year. They won't visit any other style.

See if there is a Wild Bird Center near you. If not, let me know. May be I can pick it up and mail it to you. They cost ilke $5.


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Rembetika---I hate to be the bearer of bad news , but Im afraid you will not find hummers overseas, they are only in the Americas. The trip across the atlantic or pacific would be an impossible trip for them, not sure in what direction you are headed, only if you are headed south will you find them.

Here is a link that might be useful: hummingbirds.

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rembetika(austin, TX)


WHAT! OK, that's it-- I'm not going! Well.. you know I think I knew that at one time, but then Ikind of forgot.. for some reason I was thinking there were some species overseas hat might reach the Mediterranean. Wow... now I feel really lucky living on this side of the Atlantic. That's too bad that they are missing out on the magic over there... what a shame! Anyway thanks for enlightening me... well, i guess I'll survive for a month without them!

So..... in case anyone's curious.. I found a few sources for the feeder in my first post. It's called the Perky Pet 3 oz. Hanging Basket feeder.. they can be bought from bestnest.com or Ebay...


pretty cute huh? It's hard to believe these are not more readily available.. they are so simple, cheap, compact & easy to clean. I was up in the Poconos last year and put one in a plant pot, and the hummers found in within a few minutes! (It's pretty similar to aleksandras'). Thanks for the info y'all. :)

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ctlady_gw(z6 CT)

Rembetika -- Up here in northwest Connecticut, your feeders (called "hanging basket and planter feeders" and made by PerkyPet) are stocked by our local Agway store -- very inexpensive (I think a couple of dollars). If you have an Agway near you, you might try there?

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I just had to respond back , I had a feeder like that one only it was an 8oz, but it was the half-round and thats what that one looks like, is it. It was the worst feeder Ive ever owned in my life. It was a window type feeder but you could never fill it full, then it started leaking and parts of it broke and I had to super glue 3 times just to try keep it together for the summer , never again.

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rembetika-I saw that you are from Austin, and so am I. The best feeders I have ever had (and I have tried many different kinds) came from Wild Birds Unlimited in a shopping center on Bee Caves Road at Walsh Tarlton. I think they have a store in North Austin also. It is their own brand, round, plastic-kind of looks like a flying saucer. Anyway, I am sure everyone has their favorite, but it is SO easy to clean and fill! I always found the test tube kind leaked.

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