Best hostas for hummingbirds?

thane(z8 Bellevue, WA)June 24, 2007

Hi there... I did a search here and didn't find anything about specific hostas, so here we go:

I'm wondering which varieties of hostas are best for hummingbirds. Are there any that have more nectar than others? Any that have particularly attractive flower shapes, or taller flower spikes that work better? How about the fragrant hostas?

Basically, any tips on which hostas would help attract hummingbirds are appreciated! Thanks.

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

I have hostas (they came with the house) and I have no idea what they are called. Green Giant maybe? All I know is they are all green, and sport a light lavender flower. Hummers love them.

Also they go after my neighbor's orange Lillies.

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Thane, just saw your post and thought I'd reply . . .

There are quite a few fragrant hostas, and my hummers seem to prefer them over the ones with no fragrance. Right now Royal Standard and Fried Green Tomatoes are in full bloom in my hosta beds and the hummers are all over them. They're easy to find or get from a friend. Plantaginea is fragrant; somewhat less easy to find.

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Before I had my hummer garden I had some hostas and the hummers wouldnt use them only the feeders , So I removed the hostas and made a hummer garden the length of my house , guaranitica black and blue, coccinia, subrotunda, david verity. They use all of these, but black and blue are by far the most used. I have about 8 of those plants in my bed.

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I have some of the very common and tough as nails lance-leaved hostas (hosta lancifolia). They aren't fancy - but they'll take hot summer sun as well as full shade. They're often used as fillers between fancier hostas. Anyhow, I've kept a few just because they bloom when the hummers are passing through in the fall and the hummers seem to love them. They're a smaller to mid-size hosta with smallish lavendar flowers. Not all that much to look at but extremely tough and easy to find.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Interesting. I have a 40' hosta bed and 80' of them along a pond raceway, and I've never seen a hummer at any of those flowers. They definately prefer the butterfly bushes and a few other perennials in full sun.

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