Wood Bees, Hummer nests and Citronella Q's

spaceman13(6b)June 6, 2013

In hopes of having hummingbirds nest in or near my yard, I'm adding more Spring blooming plants in my garden beds, hanging baskets and containers. I also plan to put my feeder out earlier, when the hummers are migrating in. Herein lies my problemâ¦Wood Bees!

The neighbors storage building has many areas that attract them, and they're always buzzing about my property, swooping and chasing one another, and anything else that gets near them!
They are generally gone, or done with their territorial mating aggressiveness by the time my summer bloomers start flowering, so they were previously little more than an annoyance. I'm certain they would chase hummingbirds, making the area unatractive as a nesting site.

I read citronella oil will deter them, but will it also deter hummingbirds from setting up residence as well?
Any personal experience or insight with hummers and citronella would be greatly appreciated.

Genus: Mark Blanchardii
Cultivar: 'SpaceMan'

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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

We get carpenter bees as well. Loads of them. But I never saw them going after the hummers. I have my feeders under my back patio and the carpenter bees are usually in that same area. Hummers can be pretty aggressive so I wouldn't worry about it.

When I spot the carpenters nest I spray right into the holes and then immediately plug it up.

Also, keeping regular bird feeders full attracts other birds that like to feed on the carpenter bees. They don't get all of them but I've seen quite a few dead on my walk way. They also kill their mate once they've mated so that could be why I see the dead ones on the walk.

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