hoya nummularoides? to buy or not to buy....

debbie_nySeptember 13, 2011

....ok, i need hoya fans to either:

1) convince me to buy the mega-full hanging basket of nummularoides at home depot, or

2) leave the plant hanging (literally!)

I have too many hoyas to count, but yesterday the local home depot got 3 very health nummularoides in stock....I don't have the room for it...but have never turned down a plant in my life.....

So for those of you who have it...would you recommend it and why......

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I just got mine from Joni last month so I can't give personal accounts. But when I was trying to decide which to buy, I remembered all the positive comments about it on here and that made me get it.

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In my opinion there are two points up for debate.

1. Is H. nummularioides a plant worth having? I struggled with mine (b/c I'm a dummy, not b/c it's hard) in the beginning and might have lost it if I hadn't had several starts. This kind of rigamarole usually makes me a bit bitter w/a plant, but NOT SO in the case of nummularioides. I don't even hold its ridiculously unspellable name against it. Why? Because it's d*mn cute and one of the fuzziest Hoyas out there. There are plants that are technically pubescent and there are plants that make baby blankets seem like sackcloth. Super fuzzy plants aren't a dime a dozen! Plus there are the thick clusters of teeny tiny star flowers, like baby's breath +1. Duh, it's awesome! And if you're not convinced by that, be convinced by the fact that CB says it's her favorite and she doesn't say nice things about just any old Hoya.

2. Should you buy that basket of H. nummularioides? I guess that depends on how much you like starting out with a big basket of something. This is a small leafed plant and if your space is limited, it looks super cute as a starter plant in a small pot and you could build it up slowly. Seeing as you say you have tons of Hoyas, I'm sure you'd have something to trade for it, from one of the many people here who grow it. ^_~

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LOL! Greedyghost you crack me up......OK, I guess my hands are tied....and yes, i have too many...come spring there will be a lot of "trimming for friends going on... ;)......better go back and see if it's still there tomorrow....BTW---I think there was at least two hanging baskets.....maybe 3....is anyone interested in purchasing one? I don't mind shipping it out...let me know! =)

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remind me in Spring, if you want to trade.

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I have a H. Nummularioides sitting on my toilet upstairs with an east-facing window. She doesn't seem to mind, and is now growing new growth, unlike last year. nummularioides likes to bloom in the late fall, like December. Mine did and boy it is cute.


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If it's cheap, buy it!

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You ask for ........

....ok, i need hoya fans to either:
1) convince me to buy the mega-full hanging basket of nummularoides at home depot, or

2) leave the plant hanging (literally!)

SO, let me say you what I think

Buy it, buy as many hoyas as you can take care or have the necessary space for them. Consider that most of the people in Brazil, Argentina and many others South America countries would love to have the opportunity to buy different hoyas, but are unable because all we can get are carnosas.... so please do it for us, buy the plant!!! L O L

You'll never imagine how much I'd love to have hoyas around to buy every day... when I read the threats and see that all of you can find hoyas at HD, markets and everywhere so easily I feel very envy (in the good way)! If I was living there, probably I'd be broken, I'd expend all my money in hoyas!



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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Wow.. I had a supposed Nummularoides in my hand last week at HD and purchased instead the "brevialata"... which was much much fuller!... now I wonder of my decision to leave the "nummie" behind. Though I am happy to have found a broken stem which I hope will root!... (advice there).. but I have to use my head and not my heart when looking at them! (I do have to buy groceries etc also!)LOL

GG... LOVE your posts... very creative... ! Eileen

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Debbie, thanks to you, I took a trip to HD and found a wonderful nummularoides. It was quite dry, but looked great otherwise. So since I don't have one of those yet I had to bring it home with me. There were two broken runners ( with healed stems) which I put in a baggie with orchid moss to see if I can root them. I will be glad to share if they survive.
Mitzi, I bought this one for you.

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I have H. nummularioides and I love it ,,, it's definitely one of my favorites. Love the soft, velvety leaves and the fall blooms. The smell of the blooms takes me back to childhood, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly why that is or what the smell reminds me of (maybe flowers in my mother's garden).

If you end up not getting it now, I'll send you some of mine next spring during the trading season.


P.S. I had read somewhere that hoyas were part of the milkweed family, which seemed odd to me until I got this hoya. It may sound silly, but I also like its "milky" white sap.

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OK, this has been a hysterical posting....I have to comment:

Rainforest guy....if it's cheap, but it! A mantra to live by! LMAO!

Mitzi---buy it for all of us! I LOVE it! I shall keep that in mind every time I question a purchase in the future!

Bama gardener----so glad I'm boosting the economy...LOL!

I'm stopping after work today to see if I can still make that oh so necessary purchase...might as well before the cool falls hit...which here in NY is tomorrow! brrrrrrr....

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Ament(5a SD)

Brr is right, the cold came for me yesterday too. Woke up to it and thought, Aww man, so not ready for this! LoL I agree, if it's cheap, buy it! :P Hope it's there for you Debbie!


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Great acquisition!

Debbie, good for economy is just perfect... and don't forget to consider that it is easy for you and so difficult to hoya lovers in South American, so please buy it thinking of us! LOL


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Ament(5a SD)

Well, now I have the oak entertainment stand moved and just have to clean it up and move plants into there. :D I'll be searching Lowes & Walmart every time I go through to find more Hoya now. LOL


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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

OMG... this thread is "dangerous"... "...if its cheap..." subjective!... now I have to return to the HD and check out...again... the nummularoides in the very dried out "medium"... Well, maybe by now it will be on the reduced rack!...I've purchased orchids that way.. and they weren't very happy campers!... doesn't matter if there won't be any room in the new apt for me!... my hoyas will be happy.. but if it blooms in the Fall, then ... its a given.. I must have it!... thanks for helping me decide that!... Eileen, in getting chillier by the minute... Vermont.

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hi debbie..
i have a nummularioides with me and she is very beautiful and delicious and sweet!!!!

beautiful leaf,very velvety....

buy it!!!!

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

OK..Debbie...did you buy it? Is it blooming yet? I don't know what is up with mine. It isn't forming any blooms this year. Think it's mad at me. Ha. Maybe I didn't have it in enough light this summer.

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Yes hoya fans! I did buy it...I just had to! I fell in loves with the leaves......so fuzzy and yummy! I must admit, I'm liking the smaller leaved hoyas more and more....You can always make space for them! The larger the leaves the more space and therefore less room for others! LOL! I must say my pubicalyx are growing like weeds...absolute weeds....I'd love to cut them back but I found this season that I've gotten many peduncles on the new growth.....so it's good I didn't chop them!

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Hi Debbie,

If possible post some pictures for us.



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