Dear Plant Santa,

greedygh0stSeptember 15, 2011

Every morning I walk to Wells Fargo and every morning I stare at the jar of suckers and wonder if they are for adults as well as kids and every day I walk away, day-dreaming of the new flavors of sucker they have invented since I was a kid.

Well today, folks, I TOOK A SUCKER!

It was grape flavored. Wow, that was anticlimactic.

However, in celebration of this glorious day, I have the following three questions for you concerning your deepest desires.

1. (BIG) If you were the kind of person who gave your loved ones a list of gifts you wanted, what ONE Hoya related present would you request?

2. (BIGGER) What's one plant gadget/technology that you've been day-dreaming about, but will probably never get around to buying?

3. (BIGGEST) If someone were to offer you a sweet salary, which job would YOU choose? (Plz ignore the simplistic names I gave them.) a. Hoya vendor (collection, horticulture)

b. Hoya exploration(new collections)

c. Hoya biologist (taxonomy, anatomy, ecology, etc.)

d. Hoya breeder (new cultivars, etc.)

e. Other _____.

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

1. Hoya Rebecca! It seems to be hard to find... but how cool would it be to give my sister a cutting/plant of her namesake?!

2. ?

3. d.

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1. a hoya bella ver. as big and beautiful as Sue Trans !

2. A custom made, all wood, display 'set up' in a room with lots of east & south sun so that I could grow as many different hoyas as I could collect.

3. B


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I guess we need to get you prepped for your first Aleya purchase then! ^_~

My answers are:

1. The BIG bag of 500 dragonfly clips. Somehow I can never quite justify spending $50 on dragonfly clips, but seriously, dragonfly clips are like gold to me. Ruby and diamond encrusted gold.

2. A top of the line lighting setup! And a RO system! And a cloner!

3. C! Totally C. I'd give my eye teeth to be hooked up to and have the contents of CB's brain dumped into mine. And maybe Bruce Lee's, too, while I was at it, so that when people disagreed with my identifications I could just threaten them with a dreaded one-inch punch.

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Ament(5a SD)

1.) I'd ask each of them to gift me with various planting items. I.E. Soil, pots, clips, pine chips that sort of thing. :)
2.) A big greenhouse, fully set up, heat, water...all of it.:P
3.) Either A or B Probably B though, with my health issues, I doubt I'd be able to do A. :) but I could dream!


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Your mind is always a-thinkin', girl! I like that!

1) This one's out there, but I want a magic wand that I can **bink** and have more space to grow... you got it!...more Hoyas! (You said it's Christmas, which is about dreaming!)

2) How about a way to check a Hoya's DNA to get it's true identity, along with the knowledge to know how to use it.

3) Absolutely "a". There must be lots of joy in bringing Hoyas to the seekers...

Denise in Omaha

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1. First, I'll need a greenhouse to house the rarest hoya on earth, whatever that is... lol

2. A high-tech greenhouse

3. B!


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1. Baker's rack, shelves, plant hangers, flower pots and soil. lol I always need more potting supplies and I would love anything that would make more space for plants!

2. A greenhouse (glass) is a long term goal for me. Owning my own plant nursery (a BIG glass greenhouse) is a long term goal as well. One that's high-tech like Tammy listed would be an absolute dream!!!!!!!

3. Based upon my last answer, I'm going with "A". I love gardening and sharing it with the world. :)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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1. I would love to be surprised with an all expenses paid trip to Thailand to visit some of the Hoya growers, either that or a personal order from one of the Thai growers.

2. Hands down a greenhouse, preferably attached to a house. I already know just what I would incorporate into the space because I have thought about it many times.

3. I would combine exploration/collecting plants while studying them in the wild with selling them.


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1. If it were possible, I'd request an established H. Telosmoides or H. spartiodes.
2. Definitely a large conservatory attached to my house, with a portion of it high enough to enclose my 2nd story balcony..that'd be tons of room for all sorts of plants.
3. None...I'm retired and wouldn't return to work for all of the money in the world...I'm just content to grow hoyas. Yes, I'm quite dull!! LOL Fondly, Patrick

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Ament(5a SD)

Not dull Patrick, that's the best time of life. You get to do what you *want* to, instead of what you *have* to. :)


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