New at Hummers...needs some help please

flekJune 19, 2007

I have heard so many GOOD THINGS about having hummingbirds to enjoy...I've decided to try something. Please tell me if this will work: I have a VERY WIDE container, about 30 inches in diameter and 15 inches deep. I want to HANG IT HIGH ON MY PATIO (like an oversized hanging planter), then plant cascading vine crops THAT ATTRACT HUMMINGBIRDS in a circle around the top..and let them cascade down over the sides. My objective is to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms...and NOT use a hummingbird feeder! I want to depend on the cascading blooms to pull in the hummers. Will it work? If so what would be the best vines to use in Tennessee (zone 7)? Thank you all so much!

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Trumpet vines can grow down as well as climb. My hummies seem to like having the ability to fly thru an area. It should work if the surrounding area where the planter will be located is a fly thru area. I would also plant some red salvia, red cardinal flower, red bee balm or red coral bells in a planter below it to attract them while the hanging basket is getting established. Good Luck

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

That large of a containter once it is planted and watered thoroughly is going to weight a ton! I sure hope you have strong enough supports on your patio to hold it or it may just bring whatever is holding it up down to the ground. Now that said here are a couple of suggestions: trailing asarina, trailing nasturtiums and maybe wild morning glory will trail although it prefers to climb. If it was me, I would put that large container on the ground with a trellis and put climbers like cypress vine, cardinal climber, and the native morning glory. You should also consider coral honeysuckle vine which is a perennial native.


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