Plants in Bloom, Why aren't hummers feeding?

Eric580June 12, 2013

Hello, my origami blue and white columbine is blooming for the second time (hummers missed first bloom) and foxglove that they like, but they haven't touched them. They only use the feeder. Also I have a superbells pot on my porch with a tiny feeder in it and they only use the feeder. This is very strange. In the past they loved the flowers and feeders equally. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Try leaving them empty for a day or two, they will have to look a little harder for a meal. That or leave the heroin out of your home made nectar! (kidding!)

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

Eric doesn't put heroin in his nectar, he puts cocaine, that's why they fly so fast!

jk jk Eric I know you're very responsible. Is it possible that's it's a little early for the flowering plants? Of that they're feeding on them when you aren't around?

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This time of year, hummingbirds in CT ignore our feeders and most of our plants and instead feed on Japanese honeysuckle which is blooming everywhere! Towards the end of June, hummingbirds being feeding on salvias, bee balm, and trumpet vine.

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There is that, swct!
I live about 250-300 yards from railroad tracks, and the brush there is full of the invasive L. Japonica.

As a matter of fact coming home this evening I noticed some in a lot about 100 yards from my house in an overgrown roadside border, while sitting at a red light.

I wondered if I could dig some up and put it in a pot on my deck, and never thought that is what they were feeding on instead of my containers and feeders! Hunh, Go figure!

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Thanks for the tips. I am going on vacation and the feeders should empty while I am gone. Hopefully they'll use them. The plants are early spring flowering, and I didn't have them last year.

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