What did I buy? (pic)

dakster(z6 Cent.CT)June 6, 2007

Sold as Salvia Salvino..but...?

Well you tell me what I bought...

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Black and Blue Salvia, Hummingbirds love it!!! Salvia Guaranitica to be specific, Thats what the tag says Enjoy, I have about 4 of them, expensive, would'nt you agree?

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Wait..what? Who? When? Where?? REALLY? Holy..

I was hoping someone would say that..I looked at those plants for like a week toying wheter or not I should buy it b/c it looked like B&B but wasn't being sold under that name. The ID tag says: Salvia "Salvino Blue". 2 plants were $10. There were the only 2 plants they had left.

OMG..now the pressure is on that I don't kill them when I try and overwinter..or do you even attempt over wintering..oh man..suddenly I have a million questions about seeds and all that jazz.

The morning before I went to the nursery,I looked up Salvino and it looked NOTHING like this plant, which confirmed my suspicions.

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I'm not so sure it's Black and Blue. Do you have a picture of the plant, or leaves? The leaves on B&B are larger than many Salvias, and a light greenish color.

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

The pic I posted is of what I bought.

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I have some black and blues , how do they compare

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Thank you for posting that pic hummersteve...ahh totally different in flower formation. Also your bloom are bigger than mine..er..but I swear..I don't think size matters!! heehee! *ahem* Also, your leaves seem to be totally green while the leaves for my plant seem to have reddish tints and veins, kinda of like a Bearded Toungue does.

Oh well..I like my plant anyways even if it wasn't the coverted B&B..it breaks up the monotony of reds and pinks..although I keep trying to find it!

Thanks for all your help! :)

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I think it might be Sapphire Salvia (Salvia sinaloensis). I posted your picture on the Florida gardening forum where we have some salvia/sage fanatics and one of our group suggested Sapphire. I checked and it looks pretty close to me. Narrower, redder leaves than B&B.

Sapphire Salvia

BTW, if you can find Black and Blue, buy it! It is the prettiest blue and the dark stems really set it off. Hummingbirds love it. It's covered with flowers all the time.

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I agree with solstice, B & B is well worth having , but you wont find it at your local garden center. You will need to go to the largest nursery or plant farm in your area or order offline. I found some at a nursery near me , but before that I had ordered a 5pack online from meadowviewgrowers. I got these around the first of may and now two of those plants have blooms. These plants like a more humid medium and I water everyday.

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I thought it was hard to find, so I order 3 online from Burpee. Two days after I received them in the mail, my local Lowe's had a ton of them! And several other places, too. Good luck in your search :) Christy

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Youre lucky to find such flowers at lowes and other people on these forums have said the same thing. I have been in contact with local lowes all spring up untill now and they dont have anything that I would buy for hummers. I must have the worst lowes in the country in that regard.

Dakster--- Yes b & b is coveted and now that I have them for them first time they are everything everyone has said about them and the hummers do love them. At least now I know where I can get them in my part of the state.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am pretty sure that Kate is right. I know it isn't Black & Blue.


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B&B is my absolute favorite salvia (and I have 30 something). In NC they do come back and each year that are larger and larger. Couldn't have a garden without it. Also try Indigo Spires. Now there is a fairly new one that is suppose to be a mini Indigo Spires called Mistic Spires (I beleive that is the right name.) It's not as special as Indigo but a nice salvia and the hummers love any of the three. Good luck

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)

Steve, I think Lowe's varies from year to year. At least in Tennessee it does. I've only looked for plants for hummers this year, but am always looking for plants. Some years they have beautiful plants, and sometimes they're nothing special.


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I love my B&B, but this sapphire one is also gorgeous! I've also seen a red salvia with black stems that I wouldn't mind having.

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Oh oh.

Not to tempt anybody to order the B&B, but ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Logee's B&B salvia

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