My First Hummingbird Sighting

greenthumbzdudeJune 9, 2010

I have just seen a hummingbird in my garden for the first time. It happened yesterday, June 8th at around 6:40 p.m. I was sitting on my porch when i noticed some motion down by my shed. I saw it feeding on the coral honeysuckle down there. It only stayed there for a few seconds and then took off. I sure hope it comes back.

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Good for you. Certainly coral honeysuckle is one of their favorites in my yard. You may need more of their favs to keep them coming back and a feeder or two.

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That's great! It's also quite encouraging to hear. I'm also in PA, near Reading. I'm still waiting on my first visitor. I have four coral honeysuckles (2 are just babies though). I hope they find mine too.

I hope your visitor comes back....with friends!

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I'm in Eastern Pa, near Allentown. Right now I don't have any typical hummer-attracting plants blooming, but I do have a feeder set up and have had some activity there for nearly a month now. it was more sporadic, but this week I've seen one there at least once a day. (I posted a picture of him a few minutes ago in a new thread).

I hope yours sticks around! :)


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Congrats! Hope you see it again.
Coral honeysuckle is a good choice. It blooms such a long time. If you have room for more, they're pretty easy to root.

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