No hummingbirds this year?

kayakgirlJune 16, 2010

I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio and haven't seen one hummingbird. So disappointing. In previous years, there were many visiting my feeders by mid-June. Is it possible that the bizarre spring weather and/or the situation in the Gulf could be responsible for the lack of hummers?

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i am in northwestern ont canada and have usually 3 to 4 pair at my feeders from around the 10th of may but this year i have only one pair and they did not arrive until the 20th of may. dont know what has happened either.

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Kayak girl

Im truly sorry to hear that. I thought maybe you were going to say you were from alaska, lol. Im in central indy and I think we have the same weather for the most part. My hummers have been increasing this past week and they are mostly adult males, so surely you will start seeing them very soon.

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interesting you say that hummersteve because yesterday i had 3 females and 1 more male arrive at my feeders. 6 in total now. so i guess they were just held up somewhere

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