Another candied fruit question

MissRumphius(4b)October 17, 2012

First - thank you Carol for your advice on my previous question re: candied pears and fruit flies. I froze the pears as you advised until we had a hard frost. They are now drying and look perfect.

However, my candied plums - not so perfect. After 2 weeks of increasing syrup density followed by several days sitting in syrup they still have opaque central white areas. My understanding is that they need to be completely translucent to avoid spoilage. I've got them back in the syrup now. Is there hope of saving them? Should I just throw them out and chalk this up to experience? Advice please.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

I wouldn't throw them out. I haven't candied plums but my guess is these fruit had some hard or fibrous spots inside. It's probably been penetrated by the syrup but doesn't develop the texture or appearance of normal fruit. Just my guess.

I certainly wouldn't throw them out. Actually, with all that sugar I doubt there'd be spoilage but just in case, I do often keep my fruit in the freezer in the syrup and when ready to use drain. I use these fruits as ingredients in cakes or puddings and don't finish the drying and sugaring. They are wonderful too. Leftover syrup can be canned and used for beverages with sparkling water or to baste cake layers before frosting. Adds another element of flavor and assists in retention of moisture.


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Thanks Carol. I do have a nice plum cake recipe - these may end up there instead of in my holiday candy assortment (which was the intent).

The pears, however are either getting sliced and drizzled with chocolate or becoming part of my pear-hazelnut truffles.


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