I held a humminbird today!

swctJune 8, 2008

This morning while I was watering plants on our patio, I noticed a male ruby thoat lying still on our steps near a french door. He had obviously flown into the glass and was stunned. I immediately picked him up and saw no apparent injuries. He was breathing and blinking but lying in my hand perfectly still. I called to my kids to come see, and we had 5 minutes of observing up-close the most a shockingly beautiful bird - bright flourescent red gorget and emerald back and wings. I walked it over to our feeder and inserted his beak into a port for a few sips. (interesting side note - the end of this bird's tongue was always slightly protruding from the beak. Is this normal?) The sip of sugar water seemed to help as he soon fluttered from my hand up to a branch a few feet away and rested there for about 15 minutes. When I went outside to check on him, he zoomed across the yard like a flash.

I can't stop thinking about this incredible experience and thought I'd share. A truly amazing encounter -- now if I could only remember to take a photo!!!

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Wow!!! That must have been thrilling!!! Thanks for sharing the story :) Christy

PS, Next time get your camera!!!!!!!! :)

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Window strikes are not uncommon. I have vertical blinds on my french doors and window decals when the blinds are fully open to ward off birds.


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That is SO exciting that you got to be up close and personal! My husband has had a couple of close encounters with the little guys...one was trapped in our garage and exhausted and the other was trapped under our gazebo. Both times, my hubby, who is 6'7", reached up to give them a perch and they just landed in his hand. It was amazing. The one that had been under the gazebo was so tired that he just sat and rested for a minute. It's such a privilege to be able to see them so close like that. I'm glad yours recovered from his meeting with the window!!

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A sweet moment. My best was when one decided to come about 3 inches from my eyes and just stay there checking me out. Did the same thing to one of my dogs. Can't imagine actually holding one. Glad he was ok and could fly off.

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I've never ran into that, but I have walked into my own black sceened sliding door at dusk, looking for my last sighting of the night, lol. Does that count???

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Miss_Chybil(AZ 9 Sunset 13)

What an experience. One I'm sure neither you or the hummingbird will ever forget!

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Last summer, we had workmen here for several weeks who needed electrical access to our garage. Our garage doors were open and everyday, I had to go in and rescue a male hummingbird. I took our long-handled pool net (to use as a perch, not using the net part) and just held it up to the high ceiling next to the hummingbird. He would always perch on it and I gently lowered him down from the ceiling and outside to fly free. I don't know how he understood to do this, but it was a daily event.

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I also have had the pleasure of holding a hummingbird that collided with a large window pane. However the wildest encounter was when my wife and I were reading the Sunday paper on the back deck - just under a h.b. feeder. We were talking and much to our suprise, a male bird landed on the bow of her glasses. She did not move other to slowly roll her eyes to make sure I saw the happening.

He sat there for what seemed like a minute looking down into her eye and then flew up to the feeder. 25 years later the encounter comes up when we see the first birds of the year.

All of our kids and grandkids have heard the story many times as you might imagine. However I have heard them tell their friends and occasionally one of them will ask her to tell the story again.

I guess that LIFE is a series of small/short stories.

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While doing some work out back near a black sage, I had one land in my hair. His mate hovered about a foot from my face. I think I may have been near the nest which I never saw. Now I know to back off when I hear those little clicking sounds (warnings of an imminent attack) too close to my head.

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that is so neat!! i absolutely LOVE how you tell of how they will look into your eyes!! i think only cats and dogs do that!! LOL last year, i could sit on my porch and see them come up and sip the nectar from the cypress vines. they absolutely loved that, but i'd have to be very still. i'm looking forward to that this year!! :') ~Medo

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