Will my Hoya be ok in this environment? Please help.

meyermike_1micha(5)September 29, 2013

Hello all...

I have managed to be successful with more than a few Hoya plants since spring began, and now I am stuck with only one place for them......My plant room that I do not heat.

The room never drops below the 50's and is never heated..It is upstairs in my home..

They would be hanging about two feet from the ceiling but not getting direct sun....I will be hanging them on a beam that goes across that room higher than the windows..

There is a skylight in there and this room faces south with two windows...There is LOTS of light, the brightest room and most humid one in the house, even in winter, but temps in the 50's and low 60's and no direct sun for the next few months concerns me...

What do you all think? Should I be concerned?

Thank you


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Hi Mike,

I often leave some Hoyas out in temps into the mid-40's. In fact, just last night it got down into the 40's and I still have several out. I wouldn't worry about temps in the 50's, but just don't keep them too wet. Water them when they get mostly dry, and don't ever let them sit with water in the saucer when it's that cool. I wouldn't feed them at all until spring, too. Letting them go mostly dormant is fine. In fact, letting them do so will often mean extra good flowering next season.

Sounds like you have plenty of bright indirect light, which will help. I'm betting they will be fine.

Denise in Omaha

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I think they will be fine, too, especially since it's not a drafty space. But there are some Hoyas that do less well in the cooler temps. If you want to be on the safe side, cross-check your collection against the temperature tolerance list and keep the "warm" species in a different room.

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Greedyghost and Denise..Thank you..I knew I could count on you two for the encouragement...

I think they will be ok...Last year when I received them from the nursery and in mail, I had to pot a few and many came already potted, but I don't think they were ready to face the environment I provided in there in which many leaves yellowed and died..
They must of came from warm nurseries and warm areas..

This time they will have adjusted well as the winter approaches and not of a shock..I think they will react nicely now that I can get them use to it...The light naturally gets less and less as compared to getting them from a very sunny area from the south and then sticking them in my room last winter with sudden shock.

I really hope they get use to being in there and as you said, less watering and sort of a rest period might do them well.
It never gets below 55 in there which I think lower than that most plants don't grow or like that at all..

I actually put hooks all along the huge skylight I have so many will hang get light from that....Those will thrive I am pretty sure. I will take a pic and show you what I mean...
I'll try tomorrow..

Again thanks and I will keep you all updated..


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Mike, if they are hanging off the ceiling, the temp there may be a few degrees higher, which is good.

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