bamboorabbit, I have a blueberry question!

FLgardenmomNovember 1, 2011

OK, I have three plants that I planted in the spring, Emerald, Misty Blue, and Sunshine blue. I followed your three rules of blueberry planting pretty closely. I have to admit that I have not fertilized them every month, and I see October is when I should stop anyhow. Nonetheless, they've been doing great. In the last few weeks, though, my Emerald has started getting leaves with reddish tips. Before taking a picture, I was looking through old posts to see if I could figure out my problem and found the below post of yours and your plants have the same thing. Is this a normal or OK thing for the leaves to do?



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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Hi Becca,

I'm not sure the don't fertilize after October applies to you if you are in zone 10. The reason up here we stop is we don't want to encourage new growth that will get damaged by the cold.

I'm sure you know that you are going to have trouble getting the required chill hours, but is a good experiment.

If the leaves are new and have reddish tips it is asking for more nitrogen. In my post you linked to those are actually old last years leaves that had lasted through the winter and not fallen yet. The tips on those leaves are more brown than red. You could hit your plants with a foliar feed of acid miracle grow or just fertilize them....i'm just not sure what would be best in zone 10.

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Thanks for the info about fertilizing. I did that today. Noticed that some new growth has the red spots too. Ugh, I'm guessing that's not good. Rust maybe?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Nope the red spots mean FEED ME!!!!! Just another sign you are low on nitrogen.

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