No Hummingbirds at all?!?!?!?

alouwomack(Zone 7)June 8, 2010

I live in the Fort Worth area . . . has anyone else seen the usual hummingbird activity in this area?

I usually have several feeding by now and I have yet to see ONE hummingbird all spring. I've noticed my neighbor doesn't have any birds visiting her either. I've fed for the last two years with little effort. I'm perplexed!


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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

It is weird this year. Had quite a few a couple of weeks ago, now just a few males. Nesting?

Still; I always have so many!? I hope it gets better for us!

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I have been putting fresh food out for them since feb and I have yet to see one. I am so bummed, I have the flowers to entice them I have red ribbons in my trees and still none to be seen, I am north of Austin and my friend lives in the country and she has loads of them, so they are here just hanging out side of the city, maybe when the flowers die in the wild they will come visit us. :o) Deanna

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

I hope they come around this year too! Thank you both for responding.

I battle with keeping the feeders going . . . its such a waste . . . I'll keep adding a little here and there in hopes that they'll come by eventually! Let me know if you guys see them first and I'll do the same ((fingers crossed))!


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Same here not seeing any females they are nesting, just 2 or 3 males in the evening. They will be back.

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Yeah!!! I sighted my first hummer at my feeder just an hour ago, female so they are starting to look for more food sources. I had noticed that some of my feeders had some nectar gone but I never know if it has just dripped out with the wind blowing but now I know it has been her, she has her favorite. OK summer can now begin. I hope you get your visitors soon! :o)Deanna

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Besides using the feeders I have observed hummers using - salvia microphylla hot lips, salvia lady in red, salvia black and blue, and agastache tutti frutti. It seems fairly recent that I have noticed them actually looking for flower blooms and not just going to the feeders, the last week or so.

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I'm in Houston and I still see no hummers. There are some people here who are getting them right now though, I stopped seeing them late October of last year and I've had feeders up since March but haven't had a visitor yet. I noticed one of my neighbors who also has feeders up in his front lawn, he hasn't even put the feeders back up, all I see is the empty hooks. The area I live in has a lot of hummingbird plants, neighbor has a tree that hummingbirds love so, I don't think the plants are the issue right now maybe it's the heat.

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

Hopefully I start seeing a few too. I put more feed out yesterday . . . I'm starting to recall the first summer we were in our home and I don't think I started putting out feeders until the last part of summer -- so maybe this is typical and I just forgot about how late it was :)>

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I've been at a loss over the fact that I have no hummers this year. I joined this forum to try to find some reasons or help. Last year i had a Ruby Throated male who took up territorial domain in our small oak tree out back. I've dozen of pics of him and his antics. Also when the young started flying I was able to photograph 7 at a time on a feeder before he would come and chase them off. On March 31 i photographed him on his tree and was so happy to see he was back...i've seen him or another hummer 3 more neighbor behind me has no hummers this year either. We have salvia and honeysuck vines on the back fence, lots of butterflies but no hummers. we did discover a mockingbird's nest in the middle of the tree and wondered if that could have caused my little guy to leave? the mockingbird's egg hatched and we had fun watching the youngster get his wings and finally fly off. What to do? is this just a bad year for our hummers? last year i also had several black chinned females and one male that would feed but havent seen one of them this year. missing the hummers :(

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

I've started seeing a few hummers FINALLY!!! At least one male and one female . . . HOORAY!!!

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South Alabama has been wondering the same thing - very late this year - saw the first last week on the crocosmia and have had a male and female at the feeder the last couple of days - where have they been??

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dee2000_tx7(DFW 7b)

I'm in DFW area also and have had a male & a female since about April, but that's still the only ones. I was going to ask if the nectar is bad when it goes cloudy? Mine seem to get cloudy so quickly. I used to have them last a week or so before they would get so low I'd refill them, but it's a matter of a very few days now. I wash the feeders well & rinse with a vinegar mixture because they get mold quickly too.
Also, today while making a fresh batch of nectar, I accidentally dropped the little case that absorbs moisture from the sugar in the water. Didn't even see it until it was boiling. Is that bad for them? It's very tiny & has 'molecular sieve' on the label. It is a 4cup mixture.

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Hummingbirds were plentiful just north of Decatur, TX on July 4.

I live in Arlington, TX and have not seen any hummingbirds.

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I live in Central Austin TX. I joined garden web because I have noticed less hummingbirds this year and was hoping to find some answers. Last year I had regular daily visitors and this year its been random. I spotted one hummer in March that was orangish/brown by our salvia. I wish I got a better look to identify. Then a male Ruby in early April was here for two days -by the feeder and salvia. Two weeks ago I had two in the yard in mid afternoon afternoon, both sampled everything- sage, salvia, hibiscus,firebush, canna,turks cap- but not the feeder. I really thought they would stay but again, now its back to no hummers. Its hot here so I clean my feeders every two days. I just purchased a hanging lantana basket in the hopes of attracting more that will hang around.

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Here in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (go to Maine and take a right) we are hummerless. Saw a young male in late May. My neighbour saw one about two weeks ago. We are dumbfounded.

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I'm in San Antonio and there have been plenty of hummers here this year. More than last year.

Two suggestions for those in TX.

I think because of the wet humid weather this year, mold and mildew is much more prevalent than last year. Please check your feeders carefully each time you clean them. I've had all kinds of stuff trying to grow in my feeders and constantly have to use bleach mixed with water to clean them. Clean and re-fill your feeders in three days or less. Four days and I get cloudy sugar water.

My hummers are always craving blooms in June and July. Having blooming plants close to my feeders attracts them. If you don't have hummer attractive plants close to your feeders, you're missing the traffic.

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I'm near Asheville, NC and have brought my feeders in twice, due to lack of hummers and had given up. (Last year they were arriving in May, and all over the place) Reading the last few entries, maybe I'll set them out for one more try!

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Re my post above at Sat, Jul 24, 10 at 12:52...

Odd how some things happen! We had a good rain this AM and I just went to check my hanging pots to see if they had gotten enough water. I lifted the first one, the bottom of which is about 6' above ground. A hummer darted out of it and stopped about four feet away, facing me. I don't know who was more surprised.

He then lit on the clothesline and chirped for about ten seconds... I can only assume what he was "telling me".

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I'm in Montgomery, Alabama and I was wondering the exact same thing! Last year, as early as March, I had several hummers feeding. I saw one the beginning of April and now there are none. I'm so bummed because last year I practically had one feeding from my hand. There were so many.

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My husband & I saw one yesterday at a feeder in the deep shad on 10/06/2014. I would not have noticed it if he had not seen it & told me to be still, don't move-hummer. I had asked him all day & we thought they were all gone. So guess we still had one left. He said he had be still seeing one come to the kitchen window feeder early around 6 am. but did not notice it yesterday. We had 2 (we think young ones) about a week ago chasing each other but they stopped chasing. The only thing about Texas is that I have to change our solution when we have 3-digit temps. in July, August, Sept. three times a day and I boil it. Still gets cloudy and is unsafe for hummers. Our backyard though with the concrete slab gets up to at least 130 degrees when the weather channel says it is 105 degrees. It may be even hotter. Leaving my feeders up until all my plants die back or it freezes. I have heard some die hard birders leave theirs up in the winter for some that get caught and do not migrate because they are sick or something. Those people say they take it in at night and put it out room early after it warms up over freezing but I have never done that before.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Molly, I just saw one here in Zone 6 St Louis. I don't see any chasing any more either, but there's at least one still here.

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