Aggressive Hummingbird?

gdefJune 22, 2008

Hi! I am very new to nature in general and sadly know absolutely nothing of the subject of birds! Today, as I was sitting on our back patio, a hummingbird decided to join me. Recently we have had an abundance of hummingbirds fluttering around our yard and I've been thinking about putting out some feeders. Unfortunately, this little hummingbird scared me half to death! He became increasingly aggressive as we shared my patio and proceeded to get closer and closer and finally dodged at me! Why did he do this? I've never heard of such and especially not from a hummingbird! I have not yet put out feeders so there was no food involved that he may have felt the need to protect. Is this normal? Please help as I do not want to "dislike" our little hummingbirds! Is there something that I may be doing that is wrong or offensive to him or maybe something that I can do to help him? Thank you so much!

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I can think of two scenarios where this might occur, assuming you were not sitting on a female's nest. You may have been wearing red or bright pink clothing, and she/he may have wanted to get close to you to see if you were a tasty nectar source. Or if you have had feeders up in the past, she/he may have been "reminding" you to hang it up again!...some resident hummers can be quite insistent.

If neither of these two scenarios seem likely, then it was probably just having fun, or squabbling with another hummer behind you that you didn't see. But don't worry--you have absolutely nothing to fear from hummingbirds! They are as harmless a creature as can be. You may want to hang some feeders to keep them (and you!) happy.

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Thanks for the follow-up! I was actually wearing a white tank top and black shorts, about as neutral as they come, haha:-)! I didn't see him today but I've been looking for him! I'm really not affraid of hummingbirds and I actually do like them quite a bit but those long, sharp looking little beaks can be quite intimidating! Just kidding! I've never hung feeders at our house before because we just moved here about this time last year but the previous owners might have done so, which would explain why they might be coming back to look for food. I will be hanging some feeders in the near future as soon as I can get to Lowes to purchase some! Thanks again!

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my guess she has a nest near where you were sitting

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I had one who would get right in my face, if I didn't have my window feeder up. He didn't like the other kind. He'd flap away at the window and then a foot in front of my eyes. I'd put it right up then. They communicate very well. Good chance she is nesting near by and is use to feeders in your yard. Probably was her turf years before yours, and checking you out thoroughly.

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I've had hummingbirds come up to me to inspect my silver jewelry, and one even tapped at my teeth as I laughed at him. Coolaces may be right, there could well be a nest near your patio.

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