dumb question

dominidanJune 23, 2008

dumb question,but I gotta ask. I was under the impression that hummingbirds can't open their beaks, because I never see a pic of one with it opened. I noticed that the babies have their's wide open. Is this something that they loose the ability to do or can all hummers open their mouthes? Had to ask and don't laugh too hard. I may have funnier questions on the way.

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Lol :) They do open their beaks, but they can also stick their tongues out without opening their beaks. I'm sure some people will have some pics!! Don't worry, we can handle dumb questions here, I've probably asked them myself!!! Christy :)

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dominidan & christy,

I have such a photo.

Open hummer beak used as offensive?/defensive? weapon:

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Thank you both. I thought I saw my female open her mouth today, when the robbin got too close at the feeder.

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