water features for hummers

doctorsteve(6)June 8, 2007

reading LOTS of previous posts has convinced me that it's a good idea to include a water feature in a hummingbird area, but I'm not sure on the specifics.

Some posts suggest that what hummers really love is something that creates mist. I can think of lots of ways to do this, ranging from a hose and sprinkler to running an irrigation line with a mister, to a fountain powered either by an electric line or hoping to find a solar powered one that isn't totally worthless.

More simply, there are also conventional birdbaths and one's I've recently seen that seem geared towards hummingbirds -- i.e., ones about 9" across.

I'd be grateful to hear people's reports on what they've tried and how it's worked. I'm thinking of drip irrigation lines for some parts of the yard, but this particular area would have to cross some grass that gets mowed, and I'm not sure yet about putting electricity into the area, though it would have other payoffs.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

I have to admit that it never occurred to me that hummers would need a water source (drinking mostly liquid). But I guess they need to bath sometimes and cool down on hot days.

I have 2 small ponds and a waterflow raceway on one that does do some splashing and has stones to land on. I've never noticed a hummer at water, but if they need water, then I want to supply it.

So, I'll be watching for responses to this...

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We have used a mister above our bird bathes and that works very well. The mister hose is attached to a tree branch- the hose is curved in such a way as to drip water into the bird baths as it collects from the mist. This draws LOTS of birds to the area. The hummers love to fly through it and to just rest on a branch and enjoy the shower. I hope this helps.

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Michelled Very interested in the mister you described.

Do you leave the water on or just once in awhile? How do you attach the hose to the tree? On a small branch or a tall tree like an Oak? I can't get this in my head but love the idea. Is the mister just the hose on a mist setting or is there a "mister" made for this purpose? Sorry for the "simple questions". And Thanks.

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I found one around the pool area at Walmart. It's a little bendable twirly thing that attaches to the hose. I think it is intended for the sun bather. I paid around 4 dollars for it. Good luck!

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Neat!! I will try this for my hummers.... never thought of a mister.. I bet they will enjoy it.. Thanks.

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I have one flower bed full of hummer loving flowers that I set up a small sprinkler set on the finest mist setting(another walmart find). I am home most afternoons and turn it on for them. I think they are trained to come to it now. If I havn't turned it on, I see one just perched in the tree above the garden as if waiting for me to turn the water on. They zip through the water and then go sit on a branch to fluff and preen. I figure with this intense florida heat, we all need a water break. Try to add your water feature close to where you see them in their daily routines. Good luck. Jae

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I have seen them flutter in my sprinkling oscalater [spelling] on my yard hose so they like them very much like to do that on very hot days. I have bought several of the sprinkler things for my hose but none have really worked very well. I would like to find something very simple for my hummer garden and I know they would use that .

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There are a number of products available. An example is the link below. Hummingbirds do seem to enjoy the misters, and if programmed, they will quickly learn what time of day to show up for a free shower!

Here is a link that might be useful: Avian Aquatics

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hummers love a fine mist. I have the spiral mister that attaches to the hose and it works great. I just wrap it around a fence post, shepherd's hook, small branch etc. They will also bathe on plants that have large leaves. Hummers love to bathe.


Here is a link that might be useful: Twist and Mist

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aleksandras(7 NC)

Yesterday I moved my birdbath to the hummingbird feeder - one foot from it. I thought that they would like it, but it looks like they scared of it. They don't want even go to the feeder now. The birdbath has a small fountain on it.

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