Trumpet Vine?

rob_a(9)June 6, 2009

I bought a trumpet vine this year hoping to have blooms to attract hummers. It's grown stems four feet long, but has not bloomed yet. I think I read in an earlier post that they may not bloom the first year. Anyone know? I think I wasted my money.


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I am no expert, but we bought 4 the year before last. They were really small but we got all vine and no flowers that year.. It looks like this year we may have some flowers, but we will see. I hope you didn't place your trumpet vine near a structure as it roots itself and if not pruned it can lift the siding off a house by growing between the slats. I have seen that happen. We placed this one by the well house...but my husband built it too look like an old wooden well house with bucket and all. Cute, cute. I planted the trumpet vine so it would curl around the structure and on top of roof, making it look homey. The bucket contains impatiens. But, didn't I just tell you not to place it near a structure? LOL

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Hey Rob--
please don't think you wasted your money! We put in 3 trumpet vines about 5 years ago. I have them growing up my 3 Black Walnut trees. I think it actually took about two years for them to bloom.

For the last three years their blooms have been prolific. The sweet thing is that the Hummingbirds are absolutely crazy about those trumpet flowers and literally swamp the trees all day long for the entire time that they are in bloom.

I am up in Delaware in zone 7 and mine do not bloom until about the second week in June. It was WELL worth the wait for them to bloom. Vicki

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Thanks RTHummer, and Vicky. I expect it won't bloom this year. It's on my apartment bacony in a 12" pot. Think I better get a bigger pot, say about 24"?!! It's grown down to the apartment below me, a vacant apartment for now. Hope the new neighbors below me like it! LOL

I really wanted a vine that would bloom this year, but I'll keep my Trumpet vine and prune it if necessary, and wait for next year.

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This year in late April I went to my local Nursery and purchased a potted Crossvine. That plant bloomed prolifically in its pot before we got it planted on the fence.
Croaavine is related to Trumpet Vine(an online search caused me to chose that one) and the Hummers love it too. It blooms at least one month earlier here in Delaware than Trumpet does, and the flowers are smaller but similar. That and Coral Honeysuckle would also probably be good pot choices.

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Thanks vicki for the info about the crossvine. I love any extra info about a vine that hummer love. (:-)

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I planted a Trumpet vine against my brick house which it climbs up. Is it safe to plant next to brick?? Still no blooms-this is it's 3rd year...hoping and waiting!!

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terrene(5b MA)

I started Trumpet vine from seed last year. The plants are veyr small and I've read it can take up to 5 years or longer for them to bloom from seed!

If you want to be assured of blooms in the first year, then consider an annual vine. Cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit) and Cardinal Climber (Ipomoea x sloteri). These are vigorous annual vines with red tubular flowers which will bloom prolifically in the first year. Very easy to start from seed.

I grew Cardinal Climber last year up a trellis, reached 15 feet. The hummers loved it and I'm growing it again this year.

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Thanks everyone. Think I need to be patient for now, and move my Trumpet vine to a permanent location on the fence at the house.

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Just a note that trumpet creeper is a good choice around black walnut trees as Vicki noted. Many things will not grow around them due to the juglone, so it's nice to have a plant that will. I have never planted trumpet creeper but it pops up here and there, no doubt planted by the birds and I've allowed to creep up the front porch. Now that it has reached beyond & is endangering the roof shingles it will have to be cut back. I generally trim it back in late fall/winter around the porch as it's not too attractive then & makes it bushier & have more blooms. The hummers use it almost exclusively when it's in bloom, even ignoring the feeder hung within inches of it! It's also nice to watch hummers use it in different areas all over east Tennessee. Anywhere you see it, hummers are generally there. Many people consider it a thug but I just mow over any strays & that takes care of it.

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