Pumkin Seeds long term storage

ellen_inmo(6)October 25, 2012

Hey, its been a while! So, Im no stranger to roasting pumpkin seeds. But what Im after now is long term storage. The difference between drying and roasting is mentioned on NCHFP site, but doesnt get into details. What is the difference? And is drying what I need to do in order to preserve long term? I have been using a deydrator for many things in the past couple months and am just having a ball with the results.

I eat pumpkin seeds for the nutritious benefits, and would be extremely happy to never have to purchase them again!

As always, I did do a search on this here and on the web in general. However, like others here, I prefer to talk to you here on Gardenweb.


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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

They will keep longer if you just dry them.
When roasting, you're adding oil and that can go rancid faster.
Either way, if you store them in the freezer, they'll last much longer.

Personally, I prefer roasting because I can add flavors and salt. I probably wouldn't eat them plain.


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Thanks Deanna. I did dry them and froze them. Surprisingly, they dont even appear frozen or cold at all in the freezer. I can pick them up individually, they are just cold and must be thawed. But I expected them to be more clumped up or something. Its not difficult at all to just grab a handful and so something with them.

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