Here Comes The Sun

abnorm(Orlando)November 1, 2013

..........Little Darlin'........Its been a long dark garden year.....
Here comes the Sun.......Here comes the Sun.........

I finally decided the Elm tree shading my garden had to go...... With equal parts Poverty, Bravado and Stupidity I prepared to cut down the tree myself.

In this photo you can see the tree's shadow and the impact on the garden..........

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It is a Big Boy........A fifty foot Water Elm I planted almost 20 years Elm grows in a Y shape....all the branching is upwards......

Well at 60 yrs old and 300 pounds I can get to the 15' level with my extension ladder.....add some steel between some branches and I can stand and reach higher.

Here's a photo of the tree with the limbs overhanging the neighbor's garage removed......Lots-O-Drop Zone in the foreground......I want to save the severly pruned Cherry Laurel tree below the Elm.

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A few days later and the front half of the tree is down.

The limbs are cut as high as possible leaving a 25' long limb a dramatic fall from near vertical.

We gain at least 2 hours of garden sunlight already..............

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One by one the limbs fall.......a week passes.......I forget...did I say they were BIG ?

The last remaining limb targets the garden as Drop Zone !

Ah well........The promise of Sunshine for future harvests is worth the loss of some Tomato plants today.

and with NO bodily injuries we're calling this a Victory.


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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Nice job and your veg. will love you for it!

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whgille(FL 9b)

Doug, you did a good job! taking down a big tree is not an easy thing to do, you need at least a couple of young strong man but you proved us that with persistence it can be done, and you can also sing.:)


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It is amazing what even removing the lower branches will do, but taking down a whole tree...I have turned a few of my monster bushes into standards like my Yellow Cestrum and Confederate Rose, for a little more sun.
...It feels like years since it's been here...At least that is what my rose bush was singing!

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Great job! That was a big project for one person. Now your garden will enjoy plenty of sunshine.

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Braver man than I you are! Just paid to have a water oak removed so my monkey puzzle can take it's spot. Hate that "oh"s#%t moment! Good job. See you in the spring I hope........M&J

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Yes Wanda.....I hope the veg grow "happy" next season..... Time for me to put up or shut up......

Hi Silvia.....Yeah I need to "rent" some strong backs......
I made contact with the local community garden because of the lack-of-sunshine.......I considered renting a space & I shared extra seedlings......the GardenPresident visited my garden to see my new raised beds.....they're planning an expansion......La la la...

and a Duet with Dawn.....Nice!....wish we could have made your party.......looks like a good time was had by all......

Maxine.....You have SEEN the shade garden in person !......I'm still picking Habs and ScotchBonnets.....How'd you do this season ?

HiYa Mark and Judy......I used an electric saw for some of those cuts.....I couldn't stick that chainsaw near my "head"

I want to tell you the Jewel Orchids have done very nicely this summer......I planted them in an 8x10x2 oval dish with drainage and grown in a coarse pine bark.....delicate new leaves appear everywhere......I planted them deep at first but have gradually been exposing their "tubers".....I'll get a pic

.........and more Mules Ears than the GrandeCanyon !

Doug and Pam

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Very cool! Nice seeing a familiar face on the GW ........!

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

You did a wonderful job and I have seen the changes over the past years. You will have a great garden area now. I am out of the tomato business and now into peppers and herbs due to a disease I hate. If you have a spare minute you could always come over with your chain saw and tackle a small tree problem I have. It is one of those dang trees I forget the name of but I am allergic to the seed pods that look like gorgeous flowers that are all over the place now. It is too close to the house and beginning to cause the AC to become unbalanced. I am going to have to rent a chain saw or buy one and take that baby down along with several shrubs that have gotten out of control this past year. I am proud of what you accomplished and know you will truly enjoy gardening a lot more now.

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Hiya Linda....Ted......Sorry for your health problems.....I understand.

Pam was in the hospital and rehab in June and July.....she's still home recovering......Growing Old is not for the Young.....


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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

You are right there and I hope Pam recovers quickly. Ted will be 37 in Feb and he learning what I have been trying to tell him from my own experience and what the doctors told me a long time ago. All that weight he is carrying will cause his knees feet and back to go out sooner. He has an appointment Wednesday with the kneww specialist on his flaring up knee. We will see. I have to grow food because I can not afford to buy any. Finally received good stamps for a whopping $63 a month. That will buy bread, mayo, oil and eggs for sandwiches and that is my protein. Great protein diet when trying to lose weight. Have to use either Sour Dough or plain white bread. Youck!!!!!!!!!

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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Doug

I am sending my best healing wishes for Pam, hope to see her at the spring party happy and healthy again!

The community garden plot is a good idea for extra sunny space, it is also a good place to meet the locals. I am sure that if you decide to join them, you will be an asset there.


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Doug the peppers did great during the summer but now I am having a constant battle with little white flies can't seem to get rid of them. Pam is such a lucky lady to have you taking care of her. All the best for a speedy recovery.

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