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kgardens(9a Riverview)November 2, 2009

I have this cassia which I planted last fall. It was killed to the ground this past winter but is back bigger and better than ever. I thought it was bicapsularis but it has never had seed pods on it. Is this just because it needs to be more mature? Or is it a different type of cassia. Thanks for any help in IDing this plant. Has anyone propagated cassia from cuttings?


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Yes it will get seed pods. Perhaps enough blossoms did not get pollinated.
I haven't prop'd from cutting but it should be possible.

Once you start getting pods you will have seedlings but not invasively. I just potted up 4 volunteers for some future swap :-)

This is also called Christmas Cassia, cassia bicapsularis, senna pendula and many other names. I love it by any name at all.


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kgardens(9a Riverview)

Thanks for the info Denise. The sulphur butterflies have been all over it all summer but it still has bloomed profusely. My granddaughter and I have enjoyed seeing the caterpillars green in the summer and yellow now that they eat the flowers.

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claferg zone 9a Fl

I have propagated many of these from cuttings.
Beautiful picture!
Also, I find that the older the tree is the more it is likely to produce seed.

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Is it blooming now? The Cassia I have always called Christmas Cassia starts blooming about Christmas and continues thru the winter.

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guess this plant can't read the calendar lol

Here is a link that might be useful: christmas cassia

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claferg zone 9a Fl

Mine is blooming right now as well. It usually starts bloomimg around Halloween for me.

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kgardens(9a Riverview)

Wow! Your cassia is huge and beautiful. I guess I better give mine more room. I read on the other cassia thread that there is one that is single trunked, more tree like. That sounds interesting I'm going to have to look for that one. I have mine tied up so it won't sprawl quite so much.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Anyone else growing Cassia roxburghii?? Red cassia.
Have two remaing started from seed in 01 that limped along until this year . Has grown more in the last year than it did since sprouting lol, Is this a tree ,bush eventual size and when should it flower??
seems to be getting a single trunk which suggests it's going to get MUCH bigger. Now about 15/15 and seems to have somewhat of a weeping habit.
Looks much like the above pix but MUCH finer leaves and single trunk. Has yet to flower for me so no flowers of course.
Can't find much info on the net particularly about habits .
It's growth rate is beginning to scare me a bit. and bot plants are only 3 feet apart. Much to late to move them I'm sure .. Thanks for any enlightenment you can share. gary

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zoozue(9 Lakeland)

There must be something different about mboston's cassia since I have two of her offspring, grown from seed and I don't have a single bloom yet either. I will note that my cassia fistula(s) are all growing new flower stalks since I cut them back due to strong winds knocking down the upper branches.

Also my dwarf poincianas are just now starting to bloom when their parent plants from south Florida have been blooming all summer.

I also contribute a side question. Why are the butterflies only now starting to nectar on the cats whiskers when they ignored them the whole entire summer.(both colors)

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four(9B (near 9a))

History of my C. bicapsularis relates to a number of the points here.
It is slightly northeast of Lakeland (adjacent to Orlando).
Approx three years old.

One trunk at first. Now three.
No flowers until summer not long past. Yes, summer.
No pods until a month or two ago.
Two pods in TOTAL. (I know that that is not the rationale for the name;
however, I tried diligently several times to find anything to justify the name.
Please tell me if you know it.)

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four(9B (near 9a))

From something that I read yesterday, I came to know that,
contrary to statement by the person who gave me the plant,
the species is not bicapsularis.
Which explains the summer flowering.
(Species of mine could be pendula.)

To those who indeed have bicapsularis,
are the pods perchance dual chambered?
Or anything else about them to suggest the name?

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I think this plant blooms at different times depending upon which zone one is in. I think I have a huge bicapsularis that is mostly a bush, but grows up a nearby tree to about 15 to 20 feet. It blooms for me in the fall months here in 9B, west of Orlando in Lake County.

I also have Senna alata or popcorn cassia. One tree is fairly tall now, since the frosts haven't been severe. It blooms pretty much all the time off and on.

Both of these trees or bushes are great for sulphur or yellow butterflies. Right now they are the most common butterfly in my garden.

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I think a lot has to do with how it's pruned as to whether it is a tree or a bush. If you keep cutting the top it will branch more and become a bush, but if you prune off all the shoots leaving one leader it will become a tree if you continue to prune that way. I like to make a lot of plants that grow tall, 10 to 15, trees so I can plant under them. I've even made standards or trees out of ixorias.

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four(9B (near 9a))

> Posted by tom123
> Senna alata or popcorn cassia

Does that mean that you are uncertain as to which of the two it is?
Or does it mean Popcorn Cassia is the common name of S. alata?

If the latter, then I offer the information that it is a common error
(no ill reflection on any of us here;
we try to survive the misinformation proliferated in the care-less world).

Popcorn Cassia (sigh -- should be Popcorn Senna)
is common name of S. didymobotrya.

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