No hummingbirds

mtgs(6)June 25, 2010

I have several hummingbird feeders out next to regular bird feeders. I haven't seen any hummingbirds around. Could it be because there are regular bird feeders in the same area.

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I don't have any yet either. Someone suggested that they will begin to show up when the fireflies are out at night and that just started last week, so I'm hoping for something soon

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We have only seen one on one day and that has been it for us too.

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MollyDog(6 PA)

Saw two hummers about a month ago and nothing since. Wonder where they are?

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

Been reading a lot of that! I do have some, but nearly as many as last year. Right now the females seem to be nesting and some are getting ready to fledge. But I've never seen this few hummers!!

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I haven't seen any at all. Makes me sad.

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i posted earlier on this and i had no hummers up until the 15th or so of may , and they have been increasing since then. Yesterday i had 14 at my feeders which where i am located never see that many until mid august. Most appear to be females cant believe any are young ones because its to early, but sure glad to see them.

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WOW! 14 at once! That is awesome! I only see one at a time and this year it has not been very often. They have been here since May, however I don't see them every day like I have in past years. I have three feeders, and they are not visiting them much, but are on the bee balm now that it is in full bloom. I too have been wondering why there seem to be less hummers this year.

What will happen when our birds fly south this fall and "hit" the oil in the Gulf? I wonder if many of them won't make it back next year. Too sad.

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We have not seen any this year either, last year we had several all summer had 4 feeders out and they still would fight over them.

I am wondering if the oil in the gulf had something to do with it as this would been about the time they would arrive in lower MS. my husband seems to think with all the oil burning out there it might have affect their fight pattern, we have been here 4yrs and this is the first year we have no hummers, also our blue birds are not as many either.

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OMG what if the little guys got caught in the fires or pushed off-course? I am in South Mississippi and have no hummers. I have friends who do though and that is confusing.

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Yikes! I saw one yesterday--just one--on the 16th of July in South Mississippi--

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If you have a small yard like I do a wild bird feeder might cause problems as I remove mine once hummers arrive, but in a larger yard the obvious plenty of room. But I do keep a couple of birdbaths which doesnt seem to bother my hummers.

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