Homestead Brand Nectar

rjingaJune 30, 2008

A friend of mine has purchased this store bought nectar thinking that the label stating that is stuff is better for the birds, was accurate.

It contains some vitamins and calcium (along with the #40 dye of course) it also states that #40 dye has been approved by the FDC? or something or other, for animals and humans.

So, the Readers Digest answer, that I can offer him? What benefit/risk ratio exists with this vs home made sugar water?

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Too bad he got taken. I'd tell him to take it back for a refund or throw it out. If he wants to know why tell him to read up on red 40 at this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Should I add red dye to my hummingbird food?

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Plain sugar water is cheaper! But let's say your friend is rich and weighs 180 lbs. I've read that hummers can consume up to 2 times their body weight in water each day. Let's just say they only consume their body weight. Ask him how long he thinks his kidneys would last if they filtered #40 red food coloring from 21.6 gallons of water each day?

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Any Hummer expert (I'm NOT one) will tell you that dye is harmful, and homemade nectar is preferred over any store bought kind...a simple 4/1 water to sugar ratio...very inexpensive and easy...I put mine in the fridge, then make new nectar, and add to the other, so I'm never without any and it doesn't disrupt the feeding.

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Thanks for the link, sidk. Very thorough and informative.

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