Help with struggling Hibiscus

alys_esmond(9b Orlando)November 26, 2012

I have a couple of Hibiscus plants that are struggling.

The are in separate areas of the garden and are grouped with other Hibiscus that are doing just fine. I've already lost one to similar symptoms.

There are no pests visible. The suffering plants have little new growth and are literally feet shorter than their companions planted at the same time. They have much fewer leaves and what leaves they have are tiny. If they manage to squeeze out a flower without the bud dropping off first, the flowers are smaller too, and are sometimes misshapen.

They get full sun and receive about 10 minutes of misting daily. I feed quarterly with Vigoro ornamental fertilizer.

Any thoughts? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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It could be thrips or midge gall making the buds drop. Have you tried the Bayers systemic?

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Have you tried the hibiscus forum on Garden Web? I have found them very helpful with problems like this one

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The Bayer All In One for Rose and Flower is wonderful.

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alys_esmond(9b Orlando)

I've dosed everyone today with the Bayer 3-in-1 liquid, and gave some extra to my Autumn Rouge Azaleas too.

Which leads to more questions:
The label says that in sandy soils the frequency can be reduced to every 4-5 weeks... How do you know when to re-apply?

Will this stuff hurt my chickens if they snag a leaf or flower bud?

Thanks y'all!

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