My Mom's hummingbirds are MIA...are they nesting

amyslpJune 23, 2007

My Mom Lives in Illinois and I am here visiting. I have regular visitors in central Ohio, mostly males at this point. My Mom here in Illinois had many visitors initially, but now very few, maybe one in the morning. Are the females nesting at this point ....if so, when will they be out and about and when will we see babies? We miss them!!!! They give my Mom something to look forward to!!

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I'm not an expert at this, but yes, I believe they are now nesting. Around the 1st of July is when you should see the babies. You will then see many hummers fighting over "their" territory. I'm only speaking from my observance :)

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While the females are nesting, don't they feed? I had a couple of females here earlier in the month, I know that the male was interested in them, he did his mating dance for them, but after a few days the females stopped coming to the plants and feeders. Have they left the area or are they sitting on the nest? I was really hoping to see some baby hummers.

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