Canning supplies on clearance at Big Y

2ajsmamaOctober 16, 2010

FYI for all those in New England (? Not sure of territory). Walmart is starting to mark down their supplies (I got the last case of quilted jelly jars for $7 instead of $8.12), but not much of a reduction yet here. WDM lids still $2, pectin $2.50, "Elite" domes and bands $4.

Big Y, on the other hand, had no jars left but had packs of WDM lids for 65 cents/doz, RM lids 49 cents, WDM lids and bands $1.25, RM lids and bands $1, Ball N-S pectin 62 cents, 2 lb Ball pickling salt (*now* I find it!) 75 cents.

I bought 4 lb of salt - any ideas on how to keep it from clumping over the next 10-11 months? I have a Foodsaver but not the canning jar attachment (yet). Can I just wrap the unopened bag(s) in freezer wrap and seal it? Is Ziploc good enough? Tupperware? Or just original bag?

I spent $18 but I'm all set for next year!

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what is Big Y?

did they have any pickle crisp?

re the salt .. mine doesn't clump very much in the pantry in original packaging .. the last batch I bought came in a ziplock package and if it clumps at all, I just give it a whack on the counter.

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No, no Pickle Crisp. Walmart didn't even have it (though they *did* have Pickling Lime). If I see it, I'll pick some up for you.

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actually, I have the pickling lime ... and the salt

thanks anyway.

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A good tip to check the clearance shelves. And thanks to that, I got pectin at Walmart for 50 cents a box. (I had saved all my coupons!) Not quite as cheap as buying in bulk at the Mennonite's store (about $2 for 2 cups, roughly equals 6 boxes)but when I figured in gas $$ it's pretty close.

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