hummers in NJ yet?

tonyb416(z5-6 NJ)June 20, 2007

Is it too early for the hummers to arrive in NJ?

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seafire1(z7 NJ)


Red Throated Hummingbirds have been in NJ since early April. Do you have a feeder out? You can try putting something large and red in your yard to attract them to finding your feeder.


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They've been in NJ since the end of March! One showed up on May 11th, and she's been here ever since. I'm in New Milford. And what a nasty girl she is; she won't allow another hummer even enter my garden! She'll be content on the feeder, then she darts off, and I watch her chase off the other(s). I haven't seen a male yet either. She's putting a damper on my viewing :(

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tonyb416(z5-6 NJ)

I had one visit tonight! He perched on the shepherd's staff that the feeder hangs on. He stayed on there for a good 10 minutes, took a drink, and went home for the night :-)

Now I can start taking pictures!

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