got lots of vinegars, how would they be in?

jeanwedding(6 ky)October 23, 2011

got quite a few bottles of the various vinegars.... at the local salvage stores. They are not expired prob just discontinued( I used to do that kind of work, store resetting that is).

I have white and red wine vinegars and even some Balsamic vinegars....

So can I use them in place of the vinegars like on page 39 of the canning section from Wisconsin... when they did the "mixed vegetables pickles" ????

from this link

Course mostly would be Cider vinegar..... has anyone tried such mixtures?????



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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

As long as they are clearly labeled as 5% acidity you can use any flavor of vinegar you wish in a recipe. Only the taste of the pickled food is affected. If that taste is ok with you then there is no safety issue.

The problem with flavored vinegars is they often are NOT 5% acidity.

I wouldn't mix vinegar flavors, make each recipe in one flavor only, as they often don't mix well and some really 'off' tastes can result.


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readinglady(z8 OR)

As Dave said, it's the 5% strength (or more) which is most critical.

I've used white wine vinegar frequently. It's mild and offers excellent presentation color for a mixed pickle.

I've used red wine vinegar and brown sugar in pickled beets with excellent results. It is more assertive, so you have to be careful what you use it with, not to mention the color is attractive with dark veg like beets but may not with others.

Ellie Topp, IIRC, used some balsamic in her caramelized red onions, but only in a small amount, coupled with a lot of red wine.

I would be most cautious about the balsamic. If it's very good balsamic then it's a waste to use it in large amounts and if it's not good then it's a waste in other regards.


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I've mixed distilled white vinegar (which is cheap) with white wine vinegar or cider vinegar when I wanted to "stretch" the more expensive vinegars, most recipes will call for distilled but the other flavors are mellower.

I haven't tried mixing red wine and distilled vinegars - not too many recipes call for red wine vinegar. Some recipes call for a very small amount of balsamic but then I would follow the recipe exactly.

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