Why am I not getting any hummers?

donnaroeJune 8, 2013

We put a feeder out every year. My husband has been places where there was constant action at hummingbird feeders. We may see them now and then, but not in great amounts.

I bought a new feeder at Tractor Supply that looks like a hot air balloon. The top is made of glass and there are four stations with the little support for them to sit on.

How often should I be changing the solution, and cleaning with vinegar? Should it be hung in the sun or shade? Is there a height that is best for the feeder to be hung off the ground? My support right now has it hanging at around 4'.

Is there a feeder that is better than the one I bought? Or is there something else wrong?

I would so like to make this year successful. Thanks to anyone who can help. Your ideas are welcomed!

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shillanorth Z4 AB

I don`t have any either - even though they have been sighted all around the area and my feeders have been up for 3 weeks. I did read on someone`s blog that she hung a giant red tablecloth out on her clothesline as a last resort and voila! hummingbirds. Just coincidence or a hummingbird magnet who`s to say!!! I think I will go and look for something big and red!!!!!

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I haven't seen any in my yard/feeder yet either. My neighbor in front has a lot of bright store bought containers in bloom and the neighbor in back has a big garden that has many earlier bloomers than I do.I'm fairly certain I've seen them zip past me in the middle.

This is the first year I had a feeder at this house. I got a "hummzinger" and I really love the at/wasp free design. I use home made nectar and change it every other day.
I don't use any detergent, just HOT water and toothbrush.

When my Rose of Sharon starts blooming, they will come. Till then, I suppose that bright red fleece blanket I have COULD use airing out!

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Thanks all. Anyone else who wants to post their ideas, is welcome!

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No hummers at my feeder in southwest VA. I've had one or two for a day....then none for week or more. This " on/off scenario" started back in May. It's been 3 weeks since I have had one at my feeder. I figure the earlier sightings might have been migrators. I put a huge red globe near the feeder..hoping this will help.

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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

I put out 3 feeders for hummers and change the solution once a week. Don't fill it all that much. Mold starts to grow pretty quickly in those feeders. My feeders are all in the shade.

I've noticed my hummers feed every 20 minutes like clock work.

Can you plant bushes and such that attract hummingbirds? I have a large butterfly bush and a trumpet vine that they seem to love. The butterfly bush hasn't bloomed yet but my feeders are quite busy.

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You sure can plant bushes and such! Google it and you'll get a go-zillion websites that will tell you which ones will do best in your hardiness zone.

Not to be a nudge, but you might want to change the solution a bit more often. The recommended time is 3-4 days.

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