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hummersteveJune 1, 2007

For anyone who is interested and hasnt followed my hummer adventures, a lot of first, even thou I havent had the every 15min I had last year. This year I had seen my first act of courtship, also no less exciting that it happened right in front of my viewing window. The dance was a 6ft swoop to impress the females or try, hmmm sounds familiar. But that wasnt all, after that I saw it again bigger swoops 8-10ft all in all I observed that dance at least 10 times. What that boils down to is a male has claimed my yard for his territory, I felt honored, not only that but I have seen up to three males since battling it out for this yard. I have also hummers taking baths in my sprinkler system. These are all firsts for me. Before this year I had not had only hummer friendly flowers only feeders. Bit by bit thou I have been adding. Just the other night I found and planted salvia greggi skylights magenta and skylights primrose and dont you know the very next morning I observed my resident male hit the primrose and tag all 20 blooms on it, what a thrill that was. Since then Ive addded more, but by now Im sure you all tire of my tale, so I will end. I wish and hope you all will have the success I have had this year.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Isn't that great? I've been watching that swooping going on here too - all outside the top floors of a hi-rise. LOL

You just gave me another suggestion for a plant to try too. Oh no! LOL

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I wish you luck in finding your plants, I had to go to a nursery to find these, my walmart and lowes really suck for these kind of plants.

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