jay733June 1, 2010

I remember seeing a video on a hummingbirds using a mister, does anyone know of this video and can post a link to it? Anyhow I was wondering what kind of mister I should get for my flower bed. I think the mister that was used in the video was one that stood on tall poles through out the garden and sprayed mist, but not sure what kind that mister was.

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Jay, I bought a mister last year and my hummers ignored it. I was really surprised that they could resist the cool refreshing mist. I think it's because they don't see it.

I've a friend here that puts a gentle sprinkler out and her hummers like the small spraying droplets. They fly back and forth through it. And they can see the spray better.

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the hummers fly back and forth through the spray from our inground lawn sprinklers. It's a heavy duty spray, but they love it. I have a mister but don't use it because there is no way to regulate it so that it doesn't waste water.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

I have a mist setting on my multihead garden nozzle. A few times I tied it up with it wedged on, but never saw a hummer use it. I was thinking about getting one of the dedicated mister nozzles.

I was able to regulate the mist by almost turning the knob that leads to the hose completely off. They also make hose timers. Some go by volume and some have an actual minute type timer. For mist setting I would think the volume types would be worthless, but the one that you can set a minute time limit would probably work great.


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