ajfanMay 4, 2007

I'm looking to purchase an extra large hosta and I do have a list of the larger varieties. In all of your infinite wisdom I see here on this site which is the largest ever hosta you've had good luck with. I'd like a chartreuse variety or gold if possible. Thanks for any input you can provide.

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I don't think I have ever seen you post here before - WELCOME!

I would say Sum & Substance from my experience but I m not one of the experts here.


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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

I'd say Sum & Substance too.
Here's why....IMHO, of course.

It's huge.
It's brightly colored.
It grows pretty fast.
It's sun tolerant.
It's pretty slug resistant.
It's not an expensive hosta.

I don't think that you could go wrong with a Sum & Substance

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If you like leaves that are 14" X 18" + "Sum & Substance" is your baby. My two favorite fast growing BIG hosta are S & S and Blue Angel . That's why My name is "Sumangel"

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I like to post this S & S every now and then just to see who's paying attention . . . .
It's my biggest one.

And Sassy, this slug was feasting on mine . . . .

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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

Guess it isn't as slug resistant as I thought.
My S&S is planted near a Cherry Berry and
a Wide Brim. (100% Pure Slug Bait)
I suppose if I were a slug, I'd pick
the Cherry Berry or Wide Brim first too.
Sure would be a heck of a lot less slithering up for a meal. LOL

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I think T. Rex might be bigger, but also more expensive.
I agree that Sum and Substance is a good choice if $$$ is an issue!!!

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I have Sum and Substance and find it relativley slow growing if you want huge leaves and a quick grower try Beauty Substance mine is three years old and is producing leaves 40x30cm. Its a sport of Lady Isobelle Barnet also a large good growing plant for me

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donrawson(Z 5)

Here's my list of very large hostas. Some hostas will get extremely large leaves while others may have slightly smaller leaves but will eventually form a humungous clump. Two huge green cultivars are Mr. Big and Jurassic Park. Don

Here's some links that may be helpful:

Leaf of 'Mr. Big': ""

Photo of mature clump of 'Mr. Big': ""

Photo of 'Jurassic Park': ""


ÂAbiqua Elephant EarsÂ
ÂArch DukeÂ
ÂBeaÂs ColossusÂ
ÂBeauty SubstanceÂ
ÂBethel Big LeafÂ
ÂBig BoyÂ
ÂBig DudeÂ
ÂBig JohnÂ
ÂBig SamÂ
ÂBirchwood Blue BeautyÂ
ÂBirchwood EleganceÂ
ÂBlue AngelÂ
ÂBlue GiantÂ
ÂBlue MammothÂ
ÂBlue OxÂ
ÂBorsch #1Â
ÂBottom LineÂ
ÂBurnished BrassÂ
ÂChances AreÂ
ÂCrater LakeÂ
ÂEl CaptainÂ
ÂEola SapphireÂ
ÂGolden MemoriesÂ
ÂGolden SculptureÂ
ÂGreen AcresÂ
ÂGreen Center Sum and SubstanceÂ
ÂGreen PiecrustÂ
ÂIndependence DayÂ
ÂJade CascadeÂ
ÂJade LancerÂ
ÂJurassic ParkÂ
ÂKing JamesÂ
ÂKing MichaelÂ
ÂKiwi Pacific BlueÂ
ÂKomodo DragonÂ
ÂLady in Waiting
ÂLakeport BlueÂ
ÂLakeside MaestroÂ
ÂLakeside RipplesÂ
ÂLakeside Surf RiderÂ
ÂMidnight SunÂ
ÂMing JadeÂ
ÂMoby DickÂ
montana ÂMacrophyllaÂ
ÂMr. BigÂ
ÂMuriel Seaver BrownÂ
ÂNesmithÂs GiantÂ
ÂNorth Pacific HighÂ
ÂOlive Bailey LangdonÂ
ÂPaul BunyanÂ
ÂPerryÂs True BlueÂ
ÂPresidentÂs ChoiceÂ
ÂPrince AlbertÂ
ÂRuffles GaloreÂ
ÂSea AquariusÂ
ÂSea Blue MonsterÂ
ÂSea DragonÂ
ÂSea MonsterÂ
ÂShining ImageÂ
sieboldiana ÂGray ColeÂ
sieboldiana ÂMiraÂ
sieboldiana ÂSieboldiana (Hensen)
ÂSky KissedÂ
ÂSo BigÂ
ÂSpace OdysseyÂ
ÂStoneÂs Yellow LeafÂ
ÂSum and SubstanceÂ
ÂSum It UpÂ
ÂSum of AllÂ
ÂSum TotalÂ
ÂSwamp MonsterÂ
ÂTattletale GrayÂ
ÂThai BrassÂ
ÂTrailÂs EndÂ
ÂVim and VigorÂ
ÂYellow RiverÂ
ÂXanadu Empress WuÂ

P.S. Wouldn't it be fun to plant ALL of these huge hostas together to compare them all and see which ones REALLY got the largest under identical growing conditions? It would also be exciting to make crosses of these mammoths to see if we could come up with a new hybid that would even get more massive!!!

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donrawson(Z 5)

Oops, here are the links to the message I just posted. Don

"Mr. Big"

"Jurassic Park"

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lisasmall(7a NoVa)

You want a gold? Maybe you should consider 'Lakeside San Kao' which... oh, look for yourself. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Library 'Lakeside San Kao'

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kent(z5 NY)

Some of my favorites include

Bobbie Sue (fast growing for me, wonderful crisp white edge)
Komodo Dragon (great leaf & plant shape)
Niagara Falls (great ruffles, and nice dome shape)
Parhelion ((in my opinion the best Sum & Sub sport)

As for Sum & Substance, I know I'm not in the majority here but I really hate this plant. Yes, it's big and has great substance but the color is bland and it's doesn't add anything but size to the garden. I like my plants to have more intense color, and an interesting shape. Just my opinion.


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That Sum and Sub is gorgeous Mary Ann!!
But ack, that slug, I need a slug warning, that one was really gross!! Hope you squished him good.

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sassy7142(z5 OHIO)

Now I remember where I read that S&S is
slug resistant.
I read it at "Made In The Shade" website.
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Slugs like S&S too.

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Most of my hosta's are in there youthfull stages. only a year or two old. I have S&S, Krossa Reagle SieboldianaÂ,ÂBlue MammothÂ, Blue Angel Big Daddy, and gold Standerd to name a few,but I'd like to add to my collection . especially the Jerrasic Park and T Rex if I can ever find them.

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Hey Don!

I sent an email too - but just in case you don't get it.....

You probably want to take El Capitan off the list of big ones. It is listed as a med-large and mine (4 years in the garden) is med at best.

Thanks for maintaining the lists and posting them for us all to reference - it is a great help!


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In my opinion, Sum and Substance is a quick grower and gets huge for a smaller price. Luckily two years ago my sister was working at the local nursery, they ended up with a ton of single eye divisions that they didn't want to repot and sell, she was able to bring over a dozen home for me which I planted all the way around our swimming pool. I wanted something large and being a hostaholic, this was a good choice and it was free! I like Sum and Substance as the large background hosta's, and then I add all the different ones in front of them. I also like Thunderbolt- it stands tall with leaves more upright than mounding (if that makes sense). I love they way they look in my hosta garden. I have Thunderbolts on the entire backside of it.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

If you want large and a chartreuse or gold, S&S fits the bill. Bonus that it's cheap, and available.

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scootersbear(z5 colo)

Although I agree with S&S, a word of warning it is extremely prone to HVX and I've yet seen one from Home Depot or Lowes without HVX so buy it from a reputable dealer
Mr Big is a lot bigger than S&S but thats if you wait 15 years for it to mature. Slow is not the word for this hosta, that slug is a lot faster.
Of course the Hostalibrary is a good place to look and get a good idea of what your looking for.

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I would like to thank don-r and Northern Grown Perennials for all of there help in getting me my jerrasic park,T Rex,and my Abequ Elephant ears hosta. They are doing just fine and make a wonderful addition to my collection.I look forward to the day that I can post a photo of my plant's when they rally start to take off. And thanks to you all for your information on this sight.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis) that a jar of peanut butter on the leaf? lol

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kines(z7 NC Piedmont)

My Choo Choo Train has grown twice as fast as my two S&S's, and IMHO is way more attractive!


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kines(z7 NC Piedmont)

Choo Choo Train - I love this plant!

And S&S - it's OK I

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

I am new to the forum, but may I chime in?

My S&S is in a spot that gets some good sun each day and its color is so bright and beautiful. This is the 4th year for it here and it is starting to get really a grand size (much shorter season for expansion here on the northern rim!). I am thrilled to think that it will continue to get bigger as time passes. I was always partial to the blues, so I didn't think I would like it but the price was right, and I am so glad I did get it! I am now a chartruese (sp?) convert! LOL

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gregory2327(z5 NH)

Agreed Sum and Substance is THE way to go. Many of it's sports look great too like Bottom Line and Lady Isobelle Barnet. Give it time and you won't be disappointed. It's coloring, mound and substance are great.

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

Here's an alternative for an exceptionally nice and huge yellow-gold: Grand Canyon
In its third year only, it has reached 20"high x 44"wide this year. I have great hope for this hosta ...which should mature over 70" wide.


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