Just got free Trumpet Creeper Seeds!

Eric580July 9, 2012

Today my family went to the Cleveland zoo and they had tons of trumpet creeper. One of them had seed pods,but it was very high on a wall. Another one I saw had the seed pods in reach. So I took one and I will soon plant the seeds. Also I saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird at a patch of trumpet honeysuckle in front of the elephant exhibit!

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I had a Trumpet Creeper for many years. As you've seen it does attract hummingbirds. I usually see just a few hummers in late summer and fall, after the Trumpet Creeper was mostly done. They tend to also attract paper wasps, ants and earwigs. I waited four years for mine to bloom. I'm not suggesting you don't grow it, just offering information.

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