Liquid fence on monarda. Will it be a problem for hummers?

lipwak(6/NY)July 1, 2010

I sprayed the edges of my garden, which is surrounded by a fence, with Liquid Fence today. One of the groups of plants I sprayed were a few bunches of monarda. They are just blossoming and I've seen a hummingbird fly by once each day for the past two days.

I'm wondering if the Liquid Fence will adversely affect the hummingbirds? Since not many of the flowers are open only a few got sprayed inside where the nectar is if any did.

I'll write to the Liquid Fence people too.


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I don't have an answer for you, but I did google liquid fence because I have never heard of it before. What are you using it to repel and does it work? I saw that they have it to repel armadillo's which I have a big problem with in my yard. I don't think it would hurt the hummers by what I read, but am curious what you find out!


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My main concern are deer but I also get woodchucks and rabbits. The version of Liquid Fence that I got was for deer and rabbits. I'm assuming it works cuz I haven't seen deer jump the (real) fence to munch on things in the garden and plants along the edges haven't been nibbled on and things inside the garden like a lily that hasn't had a chance to bloom in 4 years because the deer get to it first is about to bloom! I have applied it only twice; on 5/20 and 7/1. Maybe it's just coincidence but I'd like to think it works.

I did hear back from the Liquid Fence people and they said it wouldn't be a problem. I'm not so sure I believe them but I am seeing hummers around the monarda so but who knows if they are suffering from any effects after they leave. I only think it might be threat for a day or two after spraying and we're way past that now. I can't smell it anywhere but it's almost inescapable for the first few days. They say it isn't affected by rain.

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