Best conditions for H. fusco marginata

ChangChang(8)September 9, 2013

Good day all. I made my Hoya rounds this morning and noticed my rooting fusco marginata's leaves looked a bit weary from the fields. I cleaned the plant with water and a soft complexion brush. There was quite a bit of dirt on the leaves and now they look much fresher. From my limited knowledge, fusco marginata is only recorded as a cultivated plant so the information on care needs is limited. Does anyone have experience with this hoya? I hope it lives up to the expectation I have for it.

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Hi....I just rooted a cutting of this.Being the leaves are more hard and succulent,i have mine growing in a 4 inch clay pot,with equal parts growstones and coconut husk chips.I give it a good watering once a week,sometimes twice if its in the 90's.This hoya seems to like it so far! No new growth,but it has only been potted up for a month.This one probably doesn't want to be over watered,and can go dry for a bit based on the thickness of the leaves.maybe someone else can chime in!

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Thanks for the feedback. I am enjoying my new hoyas. I'm
afraid I went a bit nuts buying cuttings. I have yet to wrap my head around what my place will look like when they get big.

Happy growing all.

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