Is Hoya Clemensiorum fragrant or not?

sarahkho(5)September 5, 2013


I was going to buy a cutting of Hoya Clemensiorum, but I cannot get the info whether it is fragrant or not anywhere on the web.
If you know whether it is fragrant or not please let me know.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I checked my Hoya book and that hoya is not listed :o(

Very little info about this hoya apparently.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I have the plant, but only for a couple of years, and it is very slow at making any new leaves let alone any blooms, so I have yet to see a bloom. Maybe next year I can tell ya.

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Thank you for the follow-ups.

I bought two cuttings one with one leaf and one with two leaves about 4 months ago. Now one of them has 5 pretty large leaves and the other one got two.

Do you see a similar growth or yours is slower?

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Eoleon(6 / 7)

Hoya clemensiorum is quite difficult in the culture. She loves the warm climate, high humidity and good lighting.
The flowers smell like musk (defined by Green) or orange (defined by Burton).
I would describe it as a mild lemon scent.

Regards from germany

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I can now speak to this question as my "three leaved wonder" Hoya clemensiorum has flowered. The smell is not all that pleasant - very earthy and dank.

Here is a close up of the flower:

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Here is a photo of the three-leaved plant:

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lol @ "three leaved wonder." Well, there are only three of them, but they're very very beautiful. I thought I had maxed out my interest in these finlaysonii-group leaves, but I hadn't attended to the fact that clemensiorum has dagger leaves - my favorite shape! I like a plant that looks a little wicked.

That photo you took of the blossoms is also extremely beautiful. You really let it show off its capillary-laced petals.

Yeah, I was trying to describe to my mom the other day why a finlaysonii fragrance reminds me of the ancient downtown music buildings I spent so much time in, growing up. It's that mixture of dank old building blended with the lemony smell of floor cleaner. It tells my brain it's time to practice, so I really love the smell and the feelings it evokes.

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oh my Doug. I love it. I don't remember seeing this one before, it'll get added to my wish list now.

As GG said, the leaves look wicked. Maybe if I acquire one of them, the snakes will leave the back yard lol.


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Thanks Renee! GG is right the leaves are wicked, and it is one of the coolest looking Hoyas around. The sad story of this plant is that right after I took the photos I pulled the Hoya out of its pot and the roots had been mostly rotted away. I suspected that everything was not good as I just lost my biggest leaf from the plant. I think that I can save it from the two cuttings I got out of it, but it is frustrating none the less. It is the second plant to do this to me recently. Sometimes a plant will try to reproduce itself desperately by flowering just before dying.


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It looks like that plant is juggling the three daggers in the air!

I love that whole group. I do not grow H. clemensiorum (yet!), but my H. erythrina looks similar. When the cutting came in, the leaves were a bit dehydrated - not in a wilty / bendy / floppy / sad way, but in a hard plastic sheet / veins popping kind of way. I loved the look. Is it bad to say that it does not look as cool when the leaf rehydrated later? Veins are still popping, and it's definitely one of my most favorite ones.

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Oh, I just read your last post, Doug, after I replied. I guess I was too trigger-happy to share the joy of your pic and my erythrina. Sorry the roots were not good, but I am glad you got two cuttings out of it. Why did you pull the plant out of its pot? I always hope to learn something about how to detect root problems as early as possible, and your plant looks as healthy as can be to me.

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I think that we all know when something is wrong with our plants, and we try to delude ourselves into thinking everything is fine when we know deep down inside that it is not. In the case of H. clemensiorum, for a long time the plant seemed to use no water at all; the soil constantly stayed moist meaning that there was no water uptake going on. Then the biggest and most beautiful leaf begins to yellow and then fell off. I wanted to pull it out of the pot at that point, but then a peduncle forms with developing buds. I had to see it through before checking the roots, because who knows if one will ever get the chance to experience blooms on a cool plant like that ever again.

The upside to this root rot debacle, was I did get the blooms, which I very well might never have gotten otherwise.


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