tdr4July 6, 2008

I garden for butterflies but have seen a hummingbird the last 2 days in my yard. Today it was by my crepe myrtle. Do they like the blooms of a crepe myrtle or was it just an accident. Yesterday it was getting nectar from a bush with red blooms.

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I am not familiar with the crepe myrtle flowers, so I don't know--depends upon the shape of the flower. Any tubular shaped flower can provide nectar for hummingbirds.


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Crepe myrtles aren't especially attractive to hummingbirds as a nectar source, although they will check them out (especially if the tree has red or pink blooms). But the open branching of a crepe can make for an attractive perch from which to guard a feeder or preen.

But there are plenty of butterfly plants that can and do attract hummers, since both creatures appreciate nectar-rich blooms. Most of us who aim to attract one end up getting some (or plenty) or the other too! It's definitely a win-win situation.

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Hummers are especially attracted to anything red such as , a garage door handle , red string or ribbon. They will check these out , I have even seen them check out my tomato blooms, but anything trumpet shaped or tubular could contain nectar for them.

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