Liddle order arrived

gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)September 10, 2012

So excited to get my small order from Iris Liddle. Soon I post pic if I can remember my photobucket acct. I only got 4... hoya IML 1168 kalimantan, hoya benguetensis, hoya IML 1391, and Hoya IML 1101. All of them have beautiful read leaves...except Kalimantan.

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Congratulations on the new arrivals! :) Some beautiful hoyas you've got there!

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I put in an order with Liddles a few years back and was really pleased with what arrived.

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I thought it was very expensive to do an individual order. I remember reading somewhere it was about $140 in shipping and phyto, which is why I thought there were group orders. Has something changed??

Denise in Omaha

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

Here are some crappy photos of my cuttings. My camera is down and I am waiting to get a new please pardon the poor resolution of these from my iPhone:


h. sp.kalimantan IML 1168

h. IML 0772 benguetensis

h. IML 1101 hellwigiana

h. IML 1391

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

thanks all for the comments...these cuttings were as fresh as just cut...and generous. I feel very honored to have been able to do I will only do this once (LOL) because I now have 30-40 hoyas and I do not have a GH to put them an artist (sculptor) I am a sucker for color, texture and good smells. :-)

@ Denise...I got on a group order with some friends...

thanks gplainshoya

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Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)

Kalimantan looks amazing - Thats on my list now!!
I really should get around to a liddle order... hmmmm... hurry up pay-day!

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Great order, Laura! I personally think hellwigiana and 1391 are two plants that should be in everyone's collection. Just gorgeous. It's like having fall leaves year round.

I was also in this order and overall my order looked more dog-eared than last year, but all of them turned right around and put roots out. Presumably fueled by yummy Australian energy. Here's a shot of them taken a week after their arrival. See? You can't even tell they ever looked pathetic and dropped a bunch of leaves.

There are a lot of nice plants in there, but amusingly the one I'm most excited about is multiflora. Yes! Finally I have both javanica-or-something and multiflora. I also got another deykae. Am I a glutton for punishment or what?! I'm hoping that starting the plant from a cutting in my conditions will be the key to having a nice loving plant like Denise's.

As you can see, I chose to root them in hydroton, sitting in a dish of water atop a heating mat. I'll be transferring them to soil in the long run though.

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