sorry ive been missing!!!

amber_m(5)September 2, 2012

hi everyone! i just wanted to pop in and say hi. i know ive been kind of missing recently, its been hectic around here with my brother in laws and soon to be sister in laws wedding in two weeks (myself, my husband and my son are all in the wedding) and my son has his first day of school this coming friday!!! time goes by so fast, i cant believe that hes starting pre-k.... anyways i just wanted to update everyone on my hoyas that were budding up, my H. bella dropped all her blooms right before blooming but now she has like 6 more peduncles ready to bloom... my H. cumingiana also dropped her buds right before blooming but since droping them she has started growing like crazy, i guess she decided that the buds were just taking too much energy for her. but there is good news!!! my H. heushkeliana has bloomed!!!! she has three little blooms and they smell like the most amazing butterscotch!!! my son dropped my old cell phone in the toilet that i used to take pics with so im not able to post pics right now. ok ive gotta go, i just wanted everyone to know that im still round and i check in every few days quick when i have a extra few minutes.

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Great to hear your Hoyas are doing good Amber! I have one idea that has helped my Hoyas bloom and not drop as much. I try to give them a little extra water when blooming. Since I've started doing that they bloom a lot better! Hope this helps and good to hear things are going well!

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