what's the deal with yellow flowers on the feeder?

rjingaJuly 26, 2007

I have noticed several times, different posters stating that they removed the yellow flowers, or changed the color? what is the issue with this or is there one at all?

I have 2 different feeders one with the traditional yellow flowers (it seems to actually flow out better than the other one)and they do come to feed from it...

Also just curious, (I posted this elsewhere, sort of anyway) What I"m seeing now are what appear to be young hummers, they are very small....is it because of the time of year? would there be any reason they would be small versus adult sized?

One last question....aside from just observation with the "naked" eye...is there any good way of telling them apart to take notice of multiple hummers coming around?

OK, one more question...they also seem to be very flighty...they will come and feed for only a few seconds at a time...they fly off...seems to be constant activity....so maybe that's all they can drink at one setting?

(obviously a newbie to the scene) But I think they are so amazing...I want to do all I can to encourage them to stay around.

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)


They really are amazing, aren't they? I just love to watch them. The yellow flowers are the traditional decoration on hummingbird feeders. Some people say that yellow attracts bees. Personally, I haven't found that to be true. Bees seem to be attracted to the feeders where they are able to get the nectar. They stay away from the feeders that don't allow that.

If the smaller hummers you are seeing are truly young ones (and male) they will not have the red gorget. It is the time for them.

If you watch to see which tree they use, they will be perched on a branch. They hang around together, so you should see if there are multiples. :o)

They do come and drink for a few seconds and fly off. I've found they usually come every 10-15 minutes or so.

Hope this helps!

Carol R

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the bee thing, that makes sense!! that does help...If you dont mind me asking one other question...I know that the nectar (4:1 sugar/water) is only good out for 3 days....so what I'm thinking is maybe I should only fill them part way...so as not to waste it. After looking at the feeders after 3 days (today is day 3 that I've seen them around) there is not too much gone. I have only seen a few hummers at a time feeding, and actually they dont BOTH feed at the same time, they are usually busy chasing each other off, so when the chase is done, ONE will come back and feed.

I also have 3 mandevillas in bloom now and JUST NOW (as I"m typing) noticed them checking out those flowers...

they are fascinating to watch...I'm just thrilled that they are here.

thanks for your response.

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)


You can fill feeders part way if they are't the type that are based on pressure. For instance, jar feeders that have a saucer base and are completely round jars can be filled part way. Saucer type feeders (such as Droll Yankee Traders and Hummzingers) can be filled part way.

Feeders that have a slim neck (such as Perky Pet Four Fountains) need to be filled full so as not to leak. So do the single feeders that have a tube on the end. I hope this makes sense. If it doesn't let me know which feeders you have and maybe I can help further. You could certainly try and see!

I understand your enthusiasm! They really are fun and exciting to watch!


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