Roundup and planting

dmidMay 30, 2008

Hi all, my sister and I have a question on planting in a new bed. She is preparing a new bed for planting, and sprayed roundup to kill the grass in the area on Sunday, with a few spot treatments on Tuesday. How soon is it safe for her to plant in the area, and does she need to remove the dead grass? They have had several inches of rain since she treated.

From what I read here previously, i believe she should be able to plant this weekend, and does not need to remove the grass, but please verify so we are sure! I did my new bed last fall so did not have these concerns.

BTW - she is planting the hostas that I ordered her for Xmas, and she is quickly becoming a hosta-holic!! Thanks!

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greenguy(Zone 5 OH)

once it is dry you are ready to go

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That is what I thought, and what she was hoping for!!

OK to leave the dead grass then?

thanks for your quick response greenguy!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I just dig holes in the dead grass and plant...I have even dug holes in grass that was sprayed but not dead and planted...
Linda C

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Last year due to many things my Hosta beds got very weedy towards the end of the year , so when the Hostas went dorment in the autumn the whole beds got sprayed with Round Up, this year they are all back with no sign of damage,The Exact time of spraying was during the Christmas holidays


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Not to start anything, (or change the topic) but I've seen some report that Round-up killed their earthworms and that the amphibians
are impacted by the use of it!

Never have used it myself--though I'd love to, but I worry about such things.

Anyone here have such an experience?

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

hey_j, Using any chemical pesticide has the potential to kill. If used properly, RU should not get into the soil. It's supposed to be lightly sprayed on the leaves. If the bed was drenched, it would kill everything in it. I use chemicals as little as possible.

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You could have covered the grass with thick layers of newspaper or cardboard and killed the grass also, hate it when someone tells me what I "could" have done.

I spray roundup around hosta all the time avoiding directly spraying on the hosta, I say only avoid directly, have never had a problem.

Email me privately, I would like for you to try a method of planting for the sake of science, a little field work!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well ... you have to remove a circle of dead grass to properly plant the hosta ... i usually .. in digging twice as deep as i need ... just throw the sod in the bottom .. and plant above it ...

i have millions of worms... as many as sand will support.. which isnt many compared to good soil ...

and i spray my hosta beds 4 to 6 times per year ... with cheaper credit.. generic roundup ....

boy heyj .. nothing like spreading unsubstantiated third hand enviro-warrier hearsay ...

i heard we are all going to die ... go figure ...

cover it all with 3 to 5 inches of mulch.. and watch all the dead stuff turn to fluff in a year ... and the hosta grow like weeds ...

good luck.. and thx for converting/enabling a new addict ...


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Well, ken--I did say I had seen some report/ings (better word) and I asked for folks' input as to your own experiences.
Is that a problem? :o)

I also said---I'd like to use it myself----but I do like to make sure that what I'm doing will not harm my garden
in ways I might not realize--immediately! :o/

Hey--I don't have all the answers--yet! But I do have plenty of questions! ;o) How did you learn, what you know
without investigating and asking questions!

Don't tell me you believe all the reports put out by the chemical companies saying 'all's fine with the world' in
using so many such products--poison, is
(surprise) poison and I just trust folks who have used the products and can validate they have seen
no damage--first---that's why I come here---for your vast knowledge, via your experiences, vs. the hype of those
who push their own wares!

For instance---some of us gals have thyroid conditions that cause us to have to supplement the hormone--wonderful that we have them---RIGHT?
Well, guess what---time has proven that if we take the hormone, the little tiny Thyroid gland, says "hey--I don't have to work so hard,
now--I think I'll just 'shut-down'! So--what does that mean--we now are forced to forever take the dog-gone pills, (ever increasing the dosage)
that exacerbates our original problem and now our 'symptoms' increase as a rebound effect--OR risk having a heart attack by not taking the hormone!

I took those meds with full confidence in the industry (unfortunately) AND my own physician, so, 'no' I do not always trust the information provided by
the sellers of their products!

Will you hear the truth from the makers of the hormone--no--but the women who have taken them will tell you the truth and if you are fortunate to
have a friend who is, also, a physician 'he/she' might just tell you the straight scoop--!

Call me cynical, if you like! I had to learn the 'real facts' the hard way--by being a guinea pig!!!

So---spray the Round-up carefully (apparently) and there'll be NO PROBLEMS in our gardens--and pay no attention to anyone (individuals)
who tell you otherwise--or anyone who just wants to know if the 'rumors' can be substantiated as true or not--by your own experiences!

Sorry--but I'm hot, tired and have a bad, bad cold--so I may be a bit 'testy' today! Give me a break--okay? slurp/sniff/cough---(weak smile) :o/

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

When you hear a bit of information contrary to common belief, consider the source. If it comes from some radical "anti modern science" group...consider that...if it comes from the manufacturer also consider that....and know something of the chemisty of the agents involved. you honestly think you would be better off if you never went on the thryoid medicine to begin with?

Round-up kills the plants where it comes in contact with the lgreen leaves. It biodegrades and becomes inert in contact with the earth very quickly.
If you don't get any on the leaves of your plants, it's safe to carefully spray or paint weeds around desirable plants.

I think you can be very very glad that there is such a thing as Thyroxin, even if you have to take it for life in ever increasing doses, and you should be glad you are not lacking in insulin, a diabetic, because you would eventually be taking insulin in ever increasing doses to stay alive.
Linda C

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I'm glad you asked this question because I'm doing the same thing. I just sprayed an area against our back fence about 10' wide by 25' long (not in a straight line, but wavy -used a drop cord as an outline). Anyway, I used the Roundup yesterday. I'm going to wait a until next week to remove the sod and till it. I think I'll then add some additional top soil and peat moss to this clay soil. Then I will plant my hostas and mulch. I want this to be a perennial bed, and I want to prevent as many weeds up front as possible. This fall I plan to add to it and may try the newspaper/cardboard method. I'm anxious to get this first one started!

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I apologize folks! I 'bruised' too easily and felt misunderstood as to the point of my original posting!
But--that's no excuse to spill my guts and my personal frustrations on this forum and your thread, 'dmid'!

I'd like to say, "I wasn't myself, today", but unfortunately I know too well the saying, "circumstances
do not make us what we are--they reveal what we are"! Not one of my finer moments!

I'm going out to eat some worms,now--I haven't sprayed yet!
I know--that was really lame!!

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Cindy Lou Hoo, do not remove the sod, don't till, don't add top soil. All a waste of time and money and will in fact hurt.

Tilling will cause more weeds than it gets rid of.

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Hmmmm, so I just dig a hole and put my plants in and add mulch on top of the dead grass/weeds? I'd never thought of doing it that way. I was trying to prepare my clay soil to be more loose and easier to work in the long run. But if I can just plant and mulch, that will save me a lot of work and money.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I agree with EO. Tilling just causes extra work and brings weed seeds to the surface. The peat won't hurt, but I don't think it helps much either.

hey_j, don't worry, we all have days like that!

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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)

Hey_j, you ought to know by now that ken's posts are straight-shooting, no-holds-barred! While it is always worth reading them to glean all the good information from them, you also need to read them with shields up (and a sense of humor)!

No offense, ken! I personally enjoy your posts.


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Well I don't like Ken's post and he has way to many hosta.

He needs to send ME 1/2 of his plants and be nicer, oops I'm a "little" straight shooting myself.

Ken, post what you want and keep your plants.

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whip and Indy---thank you for your kind words!

Linda--Your question did make me stop and reconsider my rant, and I've taken some time to think it through!
I am conflicted, but, I guess there really wasn't much choice! Possibly, it may just be a matter of time, once the
Thyroid starts malfunctioning, till it atrophies anyway! I don't really know if that would be the way it goes or not!
I just wish I had known the full story from the gate--I'm normally a big girl--and appreciate being fully informed
before I make a choice!

Your question was a good one and I thank you, for the *reality check*!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

When presented with a life and death situation, trust no one but your homework...make your decisions on the's YOUR life!
Linda C....9 years 3 months cancer free....and counting

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Linda-you've obviously dealt with some very serious 'stuff', on many fronts, in your lifetime! But, it also sounds like you've been able to overcome at least one of them,
as you've related!

Life can sure be difficult--at times, and everyone's got 'stuff' (I always say) and if you get the opportunity to know anyone well enough--you find out you're not alone
in the struggles of this life! As you no doubt already know, some things can be overcome, and some, we just endure with as much grace as we are given--and
hopefully we can be an encouragement to others because of the victories and even in the enduring!

What an encouragement you must be, to those in that struggle in their own lives, and with whom you share the good news of your own continuing good-recovery!!

I wish you continued victory in being cancer-free!!

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Can some of you please explain what containers, delivery systems, funnels, measuring spoons/cups, protecting your clothes, breathing it, latex gloves, where you mix it, for Roundup and broadleaf for the lawn? For RU, how to paint with it, when to use in a wider area.

I did think of holding cardboard against my plants as an extra precaution against overspray, then tear it up and throw it away each time.

I do not want to use one of those sprayers that attaches to a garden hose, hose won't reach some places anyway. But I'm willing to buy the 20# version of a professional backback for lawn spraying. My son has a 40# one but I couldn't handle that. Now he uses something that he lays down with a spreader. He doesn't have time to do mine this year.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use that Bayer Advanced All in One. The directions make it sound scary, wear long pants, shoes, socks, long sleeves, latex gloves, then wash them all separately in the washer and dryer from your regular wash. And that's just for one chemical!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I use "procedure gloves" and mix the RU in a trigger type sprayer and hold it very clost to the offending weed and just "dribble" some into the center of the weed.
If I am spraying an area, I make sure it's a windless day and use the "spray"setting on the nozzle.
With the sprayer i can kill individual weeds in the grass without spraying the whole lawn with broadleaf weed killer....which is a lot more persistant in the enviornmend that Round up. Of course, any over spray resilts in a dead patch of be very very careful.
Linda C

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lindac, do you mind telling me what the brand name of your trigger sprayer is and where to get one? I hope it doesn't work off a hose. It sounds like just what I need.

Since I posted, I did some homework, carefully read the instructions on the Roundup container, and have a tentative strategy worked out in my mind.

Then I happened to talk to my son, and he might spray the broadleaf for me, won't hold my breath. I can go ahead of him and hold something to protect against overspray (or cover with plastic), and we will definitely pick a day that isn't windy. I even told the neighbors I'd carefully cover the part of the fence with heavy plastic if I did spray anything near his fence and new landscaping.

Now I'd like some kind of pants I can hose off, they say to rinse the container three times and my raincoat I can hose off. I don't want it on my clothes. But not when it's in the 90's and up!

My yard is too far gone for Roundup patch spraying except maybe in a few spots. I don't know what's happened. He used broadleaf last year, got rid of all the dandelions & other nuisances, now stuff is growing I never had a problem with before, don't even know what it is. A lot of the weeds I do know. Maybe that is one of the unintended consequences of spraying. He worked for Chemlawn in his late teens, so has the experience and knowhow.

Thanks so much for your input.

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Maybe you won't see it now, I often lose track of threads I've posted to, but I'd really like to know what kind of trigger sprayer you use as you seem to know what you are doing. I'm going to have to use some Roundup in a couple of areas because things are out-of-control and have been despite my efforts to smother, hand weed, and hoe. Newspaper and mulch will help, but I'm not going to be able to smother it all with that method in areas I've planted.

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It sounds like she's using the trigger sprayer that comes with the RTS Round-Up gallon.

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Thanks, maryann, I googled some and saw that they have it that way, wish I'd bought that, but the kind you mix yourself is supposed to have a longer shelf life.

There is an array of a backpack, a pressurized tank you can carry, and a regular plastic spray bottle because I can dial a fine stream and aim better with that, start from there and then see how it goes. When I run out, I'll get what I think she was talking about, too, comes already in the right concentration w/a sprayer, much easier to grab.

The problem with the other equipment is you have to clean it out carefully after each use, and it's much more expensive.

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